Research Areas

Research areas range from Anomalous Correlated Electron Metals to Topological States of Matter.

Anomalous Correlated Electron Metals

During the last several decades, we have recognized that the anomalous correlated electron metals are one of the frontier for discoveries in the 21st century.

Hidden Order in URu2Si2

URu2Si2 is an outstanding condensed matter system, and has been a central topic in the field of strongly correlated electrons for the past three decades.

Strategies to search for new crystalline materials with emergent states

Given that the alphabet of the periodic table can be used to write a nearly limitless variety of structural/chemical stories, it is essential to impose strategies to uncover materials with new states of matter and to address specific physics problems.

Synthesis of Ultra High Purity Intermetallic Single Crystals

A challenge in studying condensed matter systems is to measure the intrinsic properties of a given compound, since chemical/structural disorder can often hide fundamental behavior. As such, many recent advances in our field stem from the relationship between advanced measurement techniques and improved sample quality.

Topological States of Matter

A topological insulator is a time reversal symmetry preserving material with a non-trivial topological order, which behaves as an insulator in the bulk although its surface is conducting.