Research Groups

In addition to the extensive research that takes place in our seven user facilities and within our magnet development programs, several in-house research groups flourish at the Magnet Lab. These groups use MagLab facilities to pursue high-field research at the forefront of science and engineering and advance the lab's user program by developing new techniques and equipment. In-house research at the lab helps set research trends and provides leadership for experimental and theoretical research in magnetic materials and phenomena.

Condensed Matter Group


Scientists in the Condensed Matter Group include theory and experimental physicists on the faculty at Florida State University, where the MagLab is headquartered, who concentrate on various aspects of condensed matter physics.

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Cryogenics Group


Many magnets at the MagLab operate only at very low temperatures made possible by cryogenics like liquid nitrogen and liquid helium. The Cryogenics Group does research and development to advance the field and support technology.

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Geochemistry Group


The Geochemistry Group's research is centered around the use of trace elements and isotopes to understand Earth processes and the environment in the broadest sense.

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Last modified on 7 December 2015