Find MagLab-related publications in scholarly journals, read or download our in-house publications, and stay up to date on our scientific and engineering advances. Please also see our Science Highlights, which represent represent the most promising and cutting-edge research underway in the lab’s seven user programs.

The lab's annual report showcases programs and activities from the previous year.

Written for both scientists and science fans, fields magazine is about the very cool things researchers discover about our world using high-field magnets.

MagLab Reports, published through 2015, highlighted user and staff scientific research as well as the engineering innovation at the MagLab.

Tables showcasing peer-reviewed publications resulting from MagLab research over the years.

There is no better measure of the MagLab's impact than the thousands of articles, books, presentations, patents and other products that result from the research conducted here. Find out more by searching this publications database.

Research Reports, published through 2018, are brief abstracts of experiments conducted at the MagLab.