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Sparking an Interest in Science

The MagLab's Carlos R. Villa has been nationally recognized for excellence in informal science education.

Carlos R. Villa helps students explore static electricity using a Van de Graaff generator during a visit to a local school.

New Technique for Monolayer Electronic Devices

A unique way to bond together single-layer semiconductors opens a door to new nanotechnologies.

Photoluminescence response of MoS2–WS2 lateral heterostructures.

New Record Magnet Fulfills Superconducting Promise

Made with high-temperature superconductors, the National MagLab's newest instrument shatters a world record and opens new frontiers in science.

A YBCO coil from the world-record 32-tesla superconducting magnet.

Weaving a Web of Science

For great research to spread through the world, it takes a lattice. Find out how in fields magazine.

Illustration by Caroline McNeil

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Latest News & Features

Last modified on 28 March 2017