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Let's Play SciBall!

Missing your sports? Fear not, nerds of the world. We invented a few geeky ones to tide you over.

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Drug-Target Dragnet

Inside the virus that causes COVID-19 are thousands of potential drug targets. As part of a global team, Lucio Frydman is hunting for the best candidates.

Lucio Frydman is part of a global team of science detectives leaving no stone unturned in their hunt for a weakness in the virus that causes COVID-19.

The Mystery of the Vanishing Crust

Using a novel technique, researchers uncover secrets hidden deep below the surface of our planet.

The scientists examined hundreds of basalt samples taken along the global ridges that contain recycled ancient oceanic crust in varying amounts. "Depleted" segments of the ridge received less than "normal" amounts of recycled crust, while "enriched" segments contained a larger proportion of recycled crust.

Stemming the Spread of COVID-19

A team of experts believes stem cells could be a route to a fast, effective therapy.

MagLab biomedical engineer Sam Grant is studying how stem cell therapies could be aimed against COVID-19.

Play the Puzzles

Scientific discovery can be a little like a puzzle. Try putting the pieces together in these new virtual jigsaw puzzles of discoveries and tools from across the National MagLab.

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Students: Explore the MagLab this Summer!

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MagLab in the News


Earth has been recycling crust for most of its history

New research from the MagLab Geochemistry group suggests roughly 5 to 6 percent of the Earth's mantle is made up of recycled crust and that Earth has been producing new crust at a similar rate for most of the planet's history.

Source: UPI | Published: June 26, 2020


The Magnetic Capital of the World

Home to the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, the only facility of its kind in the United States, Tallahassee is attracting world-class companies eager to capitalize on high-caliber magnetics research and resources.

Source: Florida Trends | Published: June 7, 2020


Theoretical breakthrough shows quantum fluids rotate by corkscrew mechanism

Scientists performed simulations of merging rotating superfluids, revealing a peculiar corkscrew-shaped mechanism that drives the fluids into rotation without the need for viscosity.

Source: Science Daily | Published: June 1, 2020

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Last modified on 30 June 2020