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Pulsed Magnet Performance

The lifetime of future pulsed magnets will be longer than ever because of these new non-destructive testing and quality control methods.

Left: Eddy current inspection of a long length precursor. Right: A chevron crack found by x-ray tomography.

Cuprate Superconductivity

Experiments up to 90 tesla support the idea of quantum criticality underlying superconductivity in cuprates.


Magnetic Molecules

New research offers promise for the development of future molecular-scale magnetic information storage applications.


MagLab FAIR Data

The lab will ensure that data taken on our world-unique instruments are findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable to benefit the entire scientific community.

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Science Night Goes Virtual

Join us each month for a free, family-friendly science activity delivered LIVE on Zoom right to your devices.

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MagLab in the News


Mag Lab partners with Tallahassee firm to market science to industries

A new collaboration model between the National MagLab and a private Tallahassee company can now be leveraged to provide solutions for magnetically enabled technologies, including medical technology, textiles, manufacturing, consumer products & defense

Source: Tallahassee Democrat | Published: January 25, 2021


What a magnetized iron screwdriver can teach us about the post-COVID economy

What is hysteresis and how does it relate to both #physics and the post COVID-19 economy? Listen to this story from Marketplace featuring MagLab researcher Liz Green for the explanation.

Source: | Published: December 2, 2020


OK, What is room-temperature superconducting and will it change everything?

MagLab Chief Materials Scientist David Larbalestier explains the magic of superconductivity and how recent discoveries show we're closer than ever to developing potentially world-changing technology.

Source: | Published: November 6, 2020

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Last modified on 27 January 2021