22 July 2010

Van Sciver receives international award for cryogenics research

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A founding member of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory has been given one of the top honors in the field of cyrogenics.

Steven Van Sciver, the John Gorrie Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Florida A&M University-Florida State University College of Engineering and head of the lab's cryogenics research group, received the International Cyrogenic Engineering Conference Mendelssohn Award "in recognition of his contribution to understanding the basic phenomena in superfluid helium and its applications to superconducting magnets."

Tom Haruyama, a technical editor with the journal Cryogenics and a researcher at the Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies in Tsukuba, Japan, presented the award to Van Sciver on July 22 during the International Cryogenic Engineering Conference-International Cryogenic Materials Conference in Wroclaw, Poland.

This award was established by ICEC in memory of Kurt Mendelssohn, 1906-1982, the founder of conference. Award winners are selected based on their outstanding work in the field of cryogenic engineering.

Van Sciver's award citation continues, "He is a distinguished academic scientist both in research and education. His textbook, 'Helium Cryogenics,' is very popular in the world, and has been referred [to] by many researchers and students for many years."