6 June 2014

The MagLab’s summer of science

Summertime means new faces and new programs at the MagLab

MagLab SciGirls spent a day at the Tallahassee animal shelter in 2013.

SciGirls at the MagLab.MagLab SciGirls spent a day at the Tallahassee animal shelter in 2013.


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Summertime means lots of new faces and special programs at the MagLab.

We've got camps for middle-school kids and internships for high-school and undergraduate students. Our world-class scientists also mentor K-12 instructors during a prestigious, six-week program, Research Experiences for Teachers. The teachers receive a $3,600 stipend, travel expenses if needed and a place to stay on the Florida State University campus (at no charge) should they request it.

"I'm totally thrilled to have had this experience and to be able to come back and share some of it with my students," science teacher Mark Hall said after his lab internship. "When I teach electromagnetism, I'm going to do a few things differently after spending a summer at the lab."

That kind of positive experience enhances classroom learning, said Carlos Villa, the lab's K-12 educational outreach coordinator.

"It's fun to see how excited the kids and the teachers get about science after they've been at the MagLab a few days," Villa said. "When the summer's over, the students leave ready to learn, and the teachers head back to their classrooms excited about teaching science."

This summer, three dozen middle school girls will participate in the lab's SciGirls program, and more than 40 other middle-school students will be engaged in various day camps. The lab's college program, Research Experiences for Undergraduates will be its biggest ever, with 29 students in enrolled, working at the MagLab's main Tallahassee campus and at its smaller University of Florida lab.

In all, the MagLab will host about 130 students and teachers from around the nation and the world from June through August.

Check back to see photos and read student, teacher and scientist blog entries, Q & As and more. And if you think you, too, might like to join us next summer, remember to get your applications in early.

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