Featuring Star Trek, Winnie the Pooh and the MagLab's Science Café, this is geek love at its finest.

Roxanne Hughes is working to address the production, retention and career development of female physicists.

The director of the lab's Center for Integrating Research and Learning is among a group of experts creating the future research agenda on women’s underrepresentation in engineering and computing.

This week at the lab, 17 students from Tallahassee area schools are starting the Middle School Mentorship program. For the rest of the semester, these students will spend every Friday morning in a laboratory setting working on a science project with a MagLab mentor. The 10-week experience will culminate in a public presentation of their research attended by lab scientists and researchers, teachers, parents and the general public. Representing eight different schools, this year's crop of "mentees" is the largest and most diverse in recent memory, said program coordinator Carlos Villa.

Photo by Stephen Bilenky

The highlight describes 10 years of the Scigirls summer camp and its impact on participants.

Postdocs face big challenges as they learn the ropes of real-life science. The MagLab and other institutions are doing more to help them make the most of these years of intensive training.

At the MagLab, back to school means back to cool … as in cool science lessons, teacher workshops, internships and other STEM education programs.

When a Florida teacher had the chance to spend a second summer doing research at the MagLab, he didn’t have to think twice.

If you build fun, hands-on, science excursions, the girls will come. That's what SciGirls Summer Camp is all about.

Ten years and 260 girls later, we look back at the impact of SciGirls, a unique, hands-on summer camp for girls who dig science, by talking to two former campers.

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