Research on MagLab science camp yields a framework for better understanding how to encourage girls and underrepresented minorities in STEM's most male-dominated field.

On Feb. 22, the lab opens its doors once again, inviting science lovers of all ages to do hands-on activities related to space, time and all things fun and nerdy.

To broaden participation in STEM, onsite outreach at the MagLab is now offered in Swahili in addition to Spanish, German and French.

A young computer programmer was surprised by not one, but two awards for building systems crucial to running the lab's magnets.

Lab to serve up heaping portions of science at food-themed Open House on Feb. 23.

Area teachers learn how to explain magnet research conducted nearby to their students.

Ten Florida teachers worked side by side with MagLab researchers during the summer of 2018.

Veteran educator recognized for inspiring kids about science outside the classroom.

The MagLab reached over 10,000 K-12 students in 2017, providing high-quality science outreach to our local community.

The MagLab is training the next generation of science mentors.

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