This week at the lab, 20 undergraduate science majors from across the U.S. are doing real research in chemistry, physics and biology that will be critical to them as they pursue careers in science.

These young scientists are in their third week of the lab’s ten-week Research Experiences for Undergraduates program. The long-running program pairs undergrads with researchers at the lab, giving them a realistic taste of the challenges and rewards of science.

“It’s dealing with all the little pitfalls of doing actual research, as opposed to doing a lab in their chemistry class,” said Jose Sanchez, who manages the program through the lab’s Center for Integrating Research and Learning. “This is going to be very great for their resume. For those attending graduate school, an REU program is practically mandatory because graduate school is all research-based.”

Text by Kristen Coyne. Photo by Jose Sanchez.

This week at the lab, MagLab educator Carlos Villa journeys to a classroom in Quincy, Fla., to get students excited about electricity and magnetism. The visit is part of the lab's classroom outreach program, which reaches thousands of students a year in and around the lab's headquarters in Tallahassee, Fla. Check out the short video on this page to see how an experienced STEM educator gets students thinking like a scientist.

Video by Stephen Bilenky.

Young scientists learning the ropes find they get by better with a little help from their fellow students, postdocs and colleagues.

Roxanne Hughes is working to address the production, retention and career development of female physicists.

The director of the lab's Center for Integrating Research and Learning is among a group of experts creating the future research agenda on women’s underrepresentation in engineering and computing.

The highlight describes 10 years of the Scigirls summer camp and its impact on participants.

At the MagLab, back to school means back to cool … as in cool science lessons, teacher workshops, internships and other STEM education programs.

If you build fun, hands-on, science excursions, the girls will come. That's what SciGirls Summer Camp is all about.

Ten years and 260 girls later, we look back at the impact of SciGirls, a unique, hands-on summer camp for girls who dig science, by talking to two former campers.

The author examined the longitudinal trajectories of eleven college age young women who had participated in a STEM informal education program during middle school. This study provides a unique addition to the literature in that it provides a view of STEM identity trajectories over time, specifically focusing on how these women maintained interest or lost interest in STEM after participation in a STEM informal education program for girls.

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