28 April 2010

Founder of Citizens for Affordable Energy visits Magnet Lab

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — John Hofmeister, a retired president of Shell Oil Co. and founder of the nonprofit Citizens for Affordable Energy, will tour the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and its Applied Superconductivity Center on Thursday, April 28, 2010.

Hofmeister is in Tallahassee as part of the speaking lineup for Origins 2010 a lecture series aimed at bringing the good news of discovery in the sciences, technology and humanities to the Big Bend.

After retiring from Shell, Hofmeister founded Citizens for Affordable Energy, a grassroots organization based in Washington, D.C. Hofmeister is a advocate for establishing a rational energy policy for the United States, and warns of dire consequences if the federal government continues on its current path. His group's work is guided by the Four Mores:

  • More energy from all sources
  • More technology and innovation to efficiently utilize energy
  • More environmental protection
  • More physical and legal infrastructure

While at the Mag Lab, Hofmeister will meet with lab leaders to discuss energy research, which is a growing part of the Mag Lab's scientific agenda. Fuel cells, catalysts, petroleomics, superconductivity and the nanoscience of surface physics and chemistry are among the topics that will be discussed.