2022 News

16 September 2022

New NSF funding to study online STEM learning

A $1.9 million will explore how online STEM programs can yield improved STEM identity in girls.

9 September 2022

National MagLab magnet recognized with R&D 100 award

World's strongest superconducting magnet celebrated as a top 100 revolutionary technology. 

10 August 2022

MagLab researchers develop roadmap to new quantum materials

Work connecting physics, chemistry and materials science illustrates new methods to yield materials with quantum properties.

5 July 2022

Melting the mysteries of spin ices

Using a special technique performed in the MagLab's high fields, researchers have uncovered a method to understand spin ice materials.

14 March 2022

Magnetism helps electrons vanish in high-temp superconductors

MagLab users have discovered that magnetism is key to understanding the behavior of electrons in high-temperature superconductors.

7 March 2022

How a sense of belonging creates STEM success

New research explores the power of intersecting identities in a young Black woman’s STEM experience.

13 February 2022

Chemists unlock the key to improving biofuel and biomaterial production

Researchers reveal how carbohydrates form plant biomass, information that may lead to new biorenewable energy solutions. 

9 February 2022

Unraveling pervasive PFAS 'forever' chemicals

Learn how the MagLab's high-field magnets are helping uncover the secrets of "forever chemicals."