2020 News

4 December 2020

MagLab physicist named AAAS fellow

Marcelo Jaime recognized for his contributions to experimental physics in high magnetic fields.

5 October 2020

Scientists find evidence of a spin liquid state in candidate material for quantum computers

A new experimental technique allowed physicists to precisely probe the electron spins of an intriguing compound and uncover unexpected behavior.

22 September 2020

MagLab superconductivity expert elected fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering

David Larbalestier is the first Florida State faculty member ever to receive the honor.

21 September 2020

Personal interactions are important drivers of STEM identity in girls

Research on MagLab science camp yields a framework for better understanding how to encourage girls and underrepresented minorities in STEM's most male-dominated field.

17 July 2020

MagLab awarded $1.5 million to develop better superconductors

Grant from the U.S. Department of Energy will further research that will help make the next generation of high-energy particle accelerators.

13 July 2020

Sun, rain transform asphalt binder into potentially toxic compounds

MagLab researchers show that exposure to sun and water causes thousands of chemicals to leach from roads into the environment.

6 July 2020

2D semiconductors found to be close-to-ideal fractional Quantum Hall platform

Columbia researchers first to discover a quantum fluid—fractional quantum Hall states, one of the most delicate phases of matter—in a monolayer 2D semiconductor; finding could provide a unique test platform for future applications in quantum computing.

26 June 2020

Geochemists solve mystery of Earth's vanishing crust

Using a novel technique, researchers uncover secrets hidden deep below the surface of our planet.

15 May 2020

"Water wires" may play bigger role in cell functions

New insights challenge current understanding of how ion transport through some cell membranes works.

14 May 2020

New NMR director takes the helm

As head of nuclear magnetic resonance at the MagLab's Tallahassee headquarters, Rob Schurko hopes to expand capabilities and build new magnets.

30 March 2020

"Superfluids" may merge via corkscrew-like mechanism

A model predicts that, unlike the eddies found in classical fluids, a corkscrew-shaped structure transfers rotation from one drop of quantum fluid to another, shedding light on the behaviour of dark matter and neutron stars.

16 March 2020

New Magnet Design Aces First Test

The successful test of concept shows that the novel design, using a high-temperature superconductor, could help power tomorrow's particle accelerators, fusion machines and research magnets.

14 February 2020

Explore the Science of Time at Silver Anniversary Open House

On Feb. 22, the lab opens its doors once again, inviting science lovers of all ages to do hands-on activities related to space, time and all things fun and nerdy.

23 January 2020

MagLab scientists capture molecular maps of animal tissue with unprecedented detail

Enabled by a world-record instrument, the images convey vast amounts of data that could be useful in health and pharmaceutical research.