An understanding ear, a shot of confidence and emergency babysitting services: For underrepresented women in science, that's what friends are for.

Turn your trash into treasure by creating your own high-field magnet models.

Researchers talk about their favorite mentors and how they made a difference.

The alphabet soup favored by many scientists can make difficult concepts downright incomprehensible.

From physics to chemistry to biology, science isn’t for loners anymore. It takes a squad to make progress in an increasingly interdisciplinary world.

Looking for something to give you the edge in your research? Join the team.

Members of a sprawling science team piece together the puzzle of biochar, a promising tool in the fight against global warming.

Nobody can know everything — not even the most brilliant of scientists.

A magnet-powered synchrotron at the first major international research center in the Middle East aims to draw scientists into cross-cultural collaborations.

For great research to spread through the world, it takes a lattice.

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