That experiment is taking place right now. The data so far is mixed, but resourceful researchers find the upside.

Researchers talk about what they're doing outside the lab to protect our planet and how their training as scientists informs those efforts.

In the first year of this new decade, we asked researchers about their most memorable first-time experiences as scientists. Here’s what they had to say.

A team tackling some gnarly physics using tricky techniques rounds a critical corner. Joy ensues. Then, back to work.

An understanding ear, a shot of confidence and emergency babysitting services: For underrepresented women in science, that's what friends are for.

Turn your trash into treasure by creating your own high-field magnet models.

Researchers talk about their favorite mentors and how they made a difference.

The alphabet soup favored by many scientists can make difficult concepts downright incomprehensible.

From physics to chemistry to biology, science isn’t for loners anymore. It takes a squad to make progress in an increasingly interdisciplinary world.

Looking for something to give you the edge in your research? Join the team.

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