A $1.9 million will explore how online STEM programs can yield improved STEM identity in girls.

Work connecting physics, chemistry and materials science illustrates new methods to yield materials with quantum properties.

New research explores the power of intersecting identities in a young Black woman’s STEM experience.

Carlos R. Villa who is usually surrounded by K-12 students now joins a list of prestigious honorees recognized by the Tallahassee Scientific Society for his contributions to science education

New funding will explore the mysteries of the Platinum group elements to investigate possible alternatives to rare and expensive materials used in an array of clean energy applications.

Laura Greene is joining a prestigious group of advisors on US science and technology. 

New research finds evidence that Earth's water originated in asteroids.

Marcelo Jaime recognized for his contributions to experimental physics in high magnetic fields.

Research on MagLab science camp yields a framework for better understanding how to encourage girls and underrepresented minorities in STEM's most male-dominated field.

Grant from the U.S. Department of Energy will further research that will help make the next generation of high-energy particle accelerators.

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