2018 Features

2 August 2018

BiSCCO breakthrough

MagLab experts fine-tuned a furnace for pressure-cooking a novel superconducting magnet. Now they're about to build its big brother.

19 June 2018

"SnackChat" builds community at the MagLab

Monthly gatherings prepare employees for the dreaded awkward elevator ride.

4 June 2018

Rooting for Team Science

How is science like a team sport? From physics to chemistry to biology, it takes a squad to make progress in an increasingly interdisciplinary world. 

9 May 2018

Ryan Rodgers makes it happen

With determination, confidence and a top-notch team, this MagLab chemist exposed the complex secrets of crude oil, busting open a vast, new field.

5 April 2018

Meet CellBert: The MagLab's Mega-Vacuum

How do you keep the world's largest magnet lab clean? With a super-sized cyborg, of course! 

19 February 2018

Ten ways sports can make you a better scientist

Looking for something to give you the edge in your research? Join the team.

12 February 2018

A match made in physics

Whether with people, particles or the forces of physics, love always finds a way.