2016 Features

7 October 2016

Tapping into the Topological Promise

At the National MagLab, scientists have been experimenting for years on materials first dreamed up by the newest physics Nobel laureates decades ago.

26 August 2016

Measuring a megabeast

How do you measure the bite force of a prehistoric megabeast? At the National MagLab.

13 July 2016

Seeing the future through crystals

Deep in their beautiful lattices, crystals hold secrets about the future of technology and science. Ryan Baumbach aims to find them.

1 July 2016

Science and cycling

During the sport's biggest month of the year, MagLab staffers talk about how biking enhances their life — and their science.

23 June 2016

Small wonders

Science in a tight space requires ingenuity, tenacity and a really good pair of tweezers.

14 June 2016

When scientists go on vacation

Time off from the lab can recharge batteries, inspire new insights and give the brain a break — even when a little science sneaks in.

22 April 2016

Sustainable science

At the National MagLab, we believe in renewable, responsible science. Research conducted in high magnetic fields leads to materials and energy solutions that could have lasting impact on our world economy and ecosystem.

6 April 2016

Behind Laura Greene

Hired in 2015 as chief scientist, this eminent physicist brings a dynamic array of talents to the MagLab.

17 March 2016

What's luck got to do with science?

When it comes to science, is there a pot of golden data waiting to be discovered at the end of the rainbow?

26 February 2016

Student makes smashing discovery about meteorite

At research conducted at the MagLab, a young geochemist uncovers the surprisingly violent origins of a meteorite.

1 February 2016

My science valentine

Featuring Star Trek, Winnie the Pooh and the MagLab's Science Café, this is geek love at its finest.

4 January 2016


How do you strike a balance between competition and collaboration in science?