2015 Features

1 October 2015

What's on your fridge?

Our fridges are plastered with our life stories. Tell us what your icebox says about you.

10 September 2015

Homogeneity: At the MagLab, it’s about more than milk

What is homogeneity and why is it so important to scientists? Learn how homogeneous magnets make data clearer by milking the magnetic field strength for all it's worth. 

4 September 2015

How to survive a postdoc

Postdocs face big challenges as they learn the ropes of real-life science. The MagLab and other institutions are doing more to help them make the most of these years of intensive training.

12 August 2015

Science = Ooh + Aah + Wow + Cool!

At the MagLab, back to school means back to cool … as in cool science lessons, teacher workshops, internships and other STEM education programs.

28 July 2015

Five reasons phosphorene may be a new wonder material

A material that you may never have heard of could be paving the way for a new electronic revolution.

23 July 2015

10 Cool Things about the World's Strongest MRI Magnet

What are the ten coolest (and most surprising) things about the world's strongest MRI magnet? 

20 July 2015

Science Excursions for SciGirls

Fun, hands-on, field trips to learn more about science is what SciGirls Summer Camp is all about.

7 July 2015

From SciGirls to SciWomen: A decade of SciGirls summer camp

Ten years and 260 girls later, we look back at the impact of SciGirls, a unique, hands-on summer camp for girls who dig science, by talking to two former campers.

24 June 2015

Bridge to diversity

Getting a PhD in science is an arduous feat; for some minority students, it can be especially challenging. The MagLab is working to give these students the tools and opportunities they need to see their journey through.

5 May 2015

Like scientist ... like scion?

Many scientists and engineers at the MagLab moonlight as moms and dads. What can they teach the layperson about raising scientists — or better kids?

15 April 2015

Looking back, moving forward

The National MagLab looks back on two decades and offers a glimpse into the future.

14 April 2015

A new MagLab look

When young designers imagine the MagLab’s public areas, the unique collaboration creates more than just ideas.

12 January 2015

Science never sleeps

With just a week to use a magnet, researchers work around the clock to eek out as much data as possible.