2009 Features

1 December 2009

Scientist Spotlight: Greg Boebinger

A far-reaching interview with the lab's director.

1 December 2009

Magnet science? It's elementary

Carlos R. Villa gets kids excited about science.

1 December 2009

The life of an experiment

From idea to published paper, every experiment follows a similar path of inquiry.

1 September 2009

Scientist Spotlight: EMR Director Stephen Hill

Hill, originally from outside Oxford, England, talks about the path to a career in science and how he ended up at the helm of a program that had helped to shape his own career.

1 September 2009

Amy McKenna's science story

Chemist Amy McKenna describes her path to science and to the MagLab

1 September 2009

David Graf's science story

Physicist David Graf describes his path to science and to the MagLab.

1 September 2009

Denis Markiewicz's science story

Scientist Denis Markiewicz describes his path to science and to the MagLab.

2 June 2009

Making superconducting magnets

Like most people, we'd rather pay less for electricity. Which is one reason (though not the only one) that we use and build superconducting magnets.

1 June 2009

Team tesla: How we keep the world’s most powerful magnets in shape

Our magnets are like world-class athletes: powerful, but to stay in scientific shape, they need to eat and drink – a lot.

8 May 2009

MRI Research at the MagLab

With the most powerful MRI machine in the world, you ca do cutting-edge studies on neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, tobacco use, muscles and more.

1 May 2009

Alan Marshall: A scientist and a gentleman

Meet one of the greatest innovators in the history of mass spectrometry, hard at work.

16 March 2009

Making resistive magnets

Building the world's best resistive magnets requires clever engineering, top-notch science, superior materials and an obsession with quality control.

6 January 2009

Clean, keen, machining team

MagLab machinists collaborate closely with scientists to create one-of-a-kind magnet parts that make possible experiments done nowhere else in the world.