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The MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.

Radio Frequency Coil Workshop – Phase 2

Date: 10/16/2023 - 10/19/2023

Location: MagLab

Radio Frequency Coil Workshop – Phase 2 banner

The National MagLab, Tallahassee will hold a 4-day advance coil workshop to learn how to build radio frequency MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) volume coils.

The workshop will be focused on constructing a birdcage volume coil for 500 MHz MRI micro imaging system. The participants will be able to learn theory and get a hands-on experience in coil construction, tuning and impedance matching.

The RF Coil Workshop registration fee is $150. Lunches are provided during the workshop; transportation, lodging, and other meals are the responsibility of each participant. Space is limited to 5 attendees.

To apply, email your CV/bio sketch and a letter of support from your PI/supervisor to by August 30,2023.

Due to the space limits within the RF laboratory, excess applicants will be waitlisted in consideration for future workshops.

As part of the Advanced RF Coil Workshop being held onsite between 10/16-19/2023, two industrial partners will be presenting virtual seminars to participants.

All MagLab personnel are encouraged to attend virtually if interested.

Talk 1:

Join us for a lecture on PCB copper substrates and conductive inks presented by Insulectro - Engineers - Chris Hunrath and Dain Hertsgaard.

Title: "The material science of flex circuit materials and copper foils"

Presenters: Chris Hunrath and Dain Hertsgaard

Location, Date and Time: Virtual (Zoom), Monday 16 October 2023, 1 - 2 pm EDT

Topics to be covered:

  • Overview of Polyimide based copper clad (Pyralux) films, bonding film options and the high frequency loss characteristics and laminating temperatures.
  • Copper foil types, roughness profiles and signal impact.
  • Overview of conductive and dielectric inks, and some new high temp options.

Talk 2:

Join us for a lecture on MR Microimaging - hardware and applications presented by Bruker BioSpin -- Application Scientist- Antonios Papaioannou, PhD

Title: "Microimaging News: Hardware and Applications"

Presenters: Antonios Papaioannou, PhD

Location, Date and Time: Virtual (zoom), Thursday 19 October 2023, 8 - 9am EDT

Topics to be covered:

  • MR Microscopy applications.
  • Focus on microimaging gradients with respect to diffusion and flow encoding.
  • Microimaging hardware and probes.