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Presentation via Zoom By James Hamlin, National MagLab, UF

Date: 03/28/2023

Time: 2:00 PM - 12:30 PM

Location: Virtual

Title: Retraction! Every Scientist’s Worst Nightmare

Host: Science Council's MagX Presentation

Discussion Leader: Ryan Baumbach

Abstract: In this talk, I tell the story of how a publication that I co-authored in 2009 was retracted in 2021. I will discuss how this connects to some of the recent debate about two studies that have claimed room-temperature superconductivity under elevated pressures. While examining these issues, I developed a high-precision method for extracting data points from published graphs using the underlying vector-graphics instructions. I will discuss some of my findings using this method. Retractions and issues of research integrity are topics that we all hope to avoid dealing with and hence rarely discuss. I will share some of my thoughts about how we can become better prepared to prevent or navigate such issues.