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2023 Low Temperature Superconductor Workshop

2023 Low Temperature Superconductor Workshop banner

The Low Temperature Superconductor Workshop is marking its 40th anniversary with a gathering hosted by the MagLab at the AC Hotel by Marriott Tallahassee Universities at the Capitol in Tallahassee, May 23-25.


This invitation-only event brings together magnet builders, conductor manufacturers, and university and lab groups seeking fundamental understanding of superconductors.

Participants will discuss the latest successes and challenges in implementing conductors into magnets and developing the next generation of magnet technologies.

Topics will include:

  • High energy physics
  • Commercializing superconducting magnets for fusion and research
  • Wire manufacturing
  • A look back at 40 years of the workshop
  • Propelling new applications of superconductors



Tuesday, May 23

8:30 AM

Institutional Welcome by Dr Stacey Patterson, Vice-President for Research at Florida State University

Welcome by Dr Ken Marken of the DOE-Office of High Energy Physics

Session 0: Lessons learned from the Nb-Ti Workshop

Session I: the Magnet Pull

Tentative list of speakers

  • Soren Prestemon (LBNL): The long range vision of MDP and its conductor needs
  • Arnaud Devred (CERN): Lessons learned from the Nb3Sn magnets at CERN
  • Gianluca Sabbi (LBNL): Snowmass report on superconducting magnet needs
  • Speaker being arranged: AUP magnet program lessons
  • Ibrahim Kesgin (ANL): Nb3Sn undulators for APS
  • Zach Hartwig (MIT): Lessons learned from the MIT-CFS toroidal field model coil
  • Yuhu Zhai (PPPL): Conductor needs for Ohmic Heating coils
  • Andy Twin (OI): HTS magnet prospects in the commercial sector
  • Steven Minter (Cryomagnetics): HTS magnet prospects in the commercial sector


Session II: Is the FCC target for Nb3Sn really achievable in production wires? Can training be meaningfully reduced by high enthalpy additions to real wires?

Talks envisaged from Bruker-EAS, Bruker-OST, HyperTech, ATI and or Materion, Fermilab, Ohio State and ASC-NHMFL-FSU

Wednesday, May 24

Session III: Bi-2212 is the only HTS wire that has the isotropic, multifilament, variable architecture of Nb conductors

Presentations are expected from LBL, BOST, Engi-Mat, SMS, ASC-FSU and UWEC

Session IV: REBCO Coated Conductors are the great hope of many for the new universal superconductor that could power all our magnets, enable electric aircraft and affordable fusion power and release the next accelerators from an inventory of hundreds of tons of liquid helium. How do we get to this promised land?

Speakers expected from more than a dozen organizations – do send on latest short abstracts of topics to be covered – please no repetitions of CCA talks unless there are some ideas as to how to get to the promised land and ideas for better defining what coated conductors are and how to exploit or mitigate their advantages and defects

Session V: Iron-based conductors – can they become serious?

The basis reason for interest in FBS, especially the 122 variants is their 90 T Hc2, their almost zero anisotropy and in principle cheap constituents (but beware that similar arguments were made for MgB2 15-20 years ago too).

The basic issue of GB obstruction of current is still on the table and not yet been clarified. Can we do this so as to understand whether FBS can ever become real conductors?

Kametani is at the Turkish meeting this week and will update on what was presented at the FBS session there.

Thursday, May 25

Session VI: test and diagnostic facilities

Test and diagnostic capabilities are important for our whole community but become even more important for REBCO under the paradigm that REBCO magnets may need to be designed NOT to quench and burn

Test facilities and paradigms

  1. Measurements at single fields, angles and either end (the NHMFL 32 T and 40 T paradigm)
  2. Measurements of Ic(B,,T) by transport (hard, at least at low T and high B) or by torque, now demonstrated up to 45 T at all angles
  3. Lengthwise measurements – how and under what parameters?

Diagnostics – Maxime Marchevsky will keynote this session with a summary of the recent Paestum workshop that he organized

Session VII: the broader framework

A central key issue that has taken much time of MDP has been to understand, sustain and nurture the food chain that is the core of our community. A recent report to ARDAP will be summarized by Lance Cooley. We will also try for a summary of the recent Fusion Magnet Community Workshop. If you have short presentations or discussion points addressing relevant issues, please signal to me.

The registration is being provided by the FSU conference event services.

Fee: $450

AC Hotel by Marriott Tallahassee Universities at the Capitol

The AC Hotel by Marriott Tallahassee Universities at the Capitol

Address: 801 S Gadsden St, Tallahassee, FL 32301

Meeting room: Cascades ballroom IV-V

The room block at the venue has been filled, but accommodations may still be possible at the AC Marriott as well as other nearby hotels by booking directly. Please check with the hotel if you need a Government rate.



Restaurant List

Name Address Detail
Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille 301 S Bronough St 4.4 Star, $$
Sage Restaurant 3534 Maclay Blvd S 4.6 Star, $$$
Mimi’s Table 1311 Miccosukee Rd 4.6 Star
Lucilla 1241 E Lafayette St 4.7 Star, $$
The Huntsman 320 E Tennessee St  
Kool Beanz Café 921 Thomasville Rd 4.7 star, $$
Table 23 1215 Thomasville Rd 4.4 star, $$$
Sakura Japanese Sushi and grill 1318 N Monroe St 4.4 Star, $$$
Masa 1650 N Monroe St 4.4 Star, $$
Osaka Japanese Steak House 1489 Maclay Commerce Dr 4.4 Star, $$
Savour 115E Park Ave 4.8 Star
Il Lusso 201 E Park Ave #100 4.6 Star
The Edison 470 Suwannee St 4 Star, $$$
Liberty Bar and Restaurant 1307 N Monroe St 4.5 Star, $$
Riccardo’s Restaurant 1950 Thomasville Rd 4.6 Star, $$
347 Grill by Coach Shula 415 N Monroe St 4.3 Star, $$$


Name Address Detail
Proof Brewing Company 1320 S Monroe St 4.6 Star
Hummingbird wine bar 1216-4 N Monroe St 4.8 Star
Ology brewing 3 locations

2910 Kerry Forest Pkwy (North Side)

118 E 6th Ave (Midtown)

2708 Power Mill Ct STE A (Power Mill)

Brass Tap 1321 Thomasville Rd/td> 4.4 Star, $$
Warhorse Whisky bar 603 W Gaines St 4.5 Star, $$
Fermentation lounge 416 All Saints St 4.6 Star, $$

Program Committee

  • David Larbalestier (Chair - ASC-NHMFL-FSU)
  • Kathleen Amm (BNL)
  • Lance Cooley (ASC-NHMFL-FSU)
  • Steve Gourlay (Fermilab)
  • Peter Lee (ASC-NHMFL-FSU)
  • Ken Marken (DOE-High Energy Physics)
  • Joe Minervini (retired)
  • Tengming Shen (Lawrence Berekely Lab)
  • Bruce Strauss (retired)
  • Mike Sumption (Ohio Stae University)
  • Dave Sutter (retired)
  • Sasha Zlobin (Fermilab)

Local Arrangements Committee

  • Lance Cooley (Chair)
  • Conniel Linville
  • Jade Elling

Information please contact

Last modified on 12 May 2023