Presentation via Zoom By Ryan E. Baumbach, National MagLab

For Scientists
11/29/2022 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Title: Crystal Synthesis: Enabling and Benefitting from High B Experiments

Host: Science Council's MagX Presentation

Discussion Leader: Kaya Wei

Abstract: The development of crystalline inorganic materials is key for studies of novel structural/electronic/magnetic phenomena in high magnetic fields. This is because discoveries often arise serendipitously from examination of the compositional-structural phase space or through the control and elimination of disorder. As a result, diverse synthesis methods are needed to leverage the potential of the entire periodic table, and thereby harness the next generation of materials for society. In this talk, I will review the various materials design and synthesis experiments that are occurring at the MagLab, experiments that these materials have enabled in high magnetic fields, and impact on the user community. I will also describe a renewed effort to implement magnetic fields as a crystal growth tuning parameter, which is anticipated to provide a unique axis for chemical/structural phase space exploration.

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