Seminar By Jia Li, Brown University

For Scientists
09/23/2022 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
MagLab, Room B101


Title: Electron nematic, superconductivity and ferromagnetism in graphene-based moiré structures

Host: Oskar vafek

Abstract: Electron nematic describes the spontaneous formation of spatial anisotropy, which breaks the in-plane rotational symmetry of the underlying lattice. Here, I will show experimental evidence of electron nematic in graphene-based moiré systems, which is identified using angle-resolved transport measurement. The angular dependence of the associated transport response allows us to identify different forms of electron nematic orders. Most remarkably, the nematic director is tunable with varying experimental parameters such as magnetic field, carrier density and in-plane electric field. I will discuss the implication of these tunability on the symmetry requirement of the underlying nematic order. Furthermore, I will discuss the connection between electron nematic with various quantum phases emerging from the moiré flatband, such as superconductivity and ferromagnetism. As an example, I will draw a connection between the recently observed zero-field superconducting diode effect and an odd-parity nematic order.