Science Night February 2022, Topic - Atoms R Us


Location: LeRoy Collins Library (tentatively)

"Atoms R Us" featuring MagLab Scientist Dr. Ryan Baumbach

We all depend on a slew of technologies that didn’t even exist just a century ago. From pocket-sized devices with unparalleled computing and communication power (cell phones) and rapid transit around the globe and into outer space (jet engines) to electrical power distribution across continents (electrical grid) and imaging for medical purposes (MRI) - these technologies are each based on different crystalline materials with unique functionalities and properties. So how do scientists discover new materials or new material properties that lead to cool new devices or products? Hear how scientists conceive of and synthesize new classes of crystalline materials with novel electronic and magnetic properties as you learn the core concepts of condensed matter physics (the physics of solid stuff) and imagine the materials and technologies of the future.