2021 MagLab Open House


open house 2021 banner

In addition to the live virtual events, MagLab Open House will be filled with digital delights to discover whenever it fits your schedule.

Watch your favorite Open House demos anytime with more than 20 new video demonstrations that will be released on February 19. Many feature flagship demos, including never-before-seen slow motion footage of the Junkyard Magnet and Potato Launcher.

A handful of behind the scenes, all-access video tours will give visitors 360 degree views of MagLab locations that aren’t even accessible during a live Open House event, like the plant, cooling towers and platform atop our world’s strongest magnet.

Plus, a half-dozen web-based games for visitors of all ages will get you to guess the fruit or veggie from an image taken on our world’s strongest MRI, color your own MagLab data, put together high field puzzles and complete an online scavenger hunt (the top three finishers will even win a prize!).