Seminar via Zoom By Greg Brittles, DPhil, MPhys, Tokamak Energy Abingdon, UK

For Scientists
01/20/2021 11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Title: HTS Magnet Development at Tokamak Energy

Host: Magnets and Materials Seminar Series

Abstract: Tokamak Energy are developing novel HTS technology targeting demonstration of net fusion energy gain in the world's first compact superconducting spherical tokamak: ST-F1. This talk will review progress to date, starting with the development of small non-insulated quality assessment (QA) coils is 2018, which were used to characterize HTS tape from multiple suppliers, through more recent demonstration of a 50 mm bore all-HTS solenoid that achieved 24 T peak field on coil at 20 K in 2019. The talk will also discuss the challenges and progress towards scaling up this technology for fusion magnets using a novel type of insulation that allows an optimum turn-to-turn resistance to be chosen. A large scale (230 kJ, 6.5 T in 180 mm bore centre at 28 K) magnet incorporating this insulation method has recently been successfully tested, and a mid-size tokamak magnet set (incorporating toroidal and poloidal field coils) is currently in manufacture and due for test in 2021.