2021 Theory Winter School

2020 Theory Winter School was held virtually via Zoom, on 11-15 January, 2021. This year's School will focus on "Modern aspects of quantum condensed matter", a subject inspired by recent developments in condensed matter physics. These developments shed new light on open questions of quantum criticality, unconventional superconductivity, and new types of topological phases of matter. The tentative topics of the school include novel phases in twisted bilayer graphene and other moire systems, recent developments in unconventional superconductivity, topology of electronic states, and quantum magnetism.


2021 Theory Winter School Videos

View the videos below or on the YouTube playlist.

  • Day 1

    Length: 49:03

  • Day 2

    Length: 1:04:13

  • Day 3

    Length: 1:09:28

  • Day 4

    Length: 2:30:37

  • Day 5

    Length: 49:10