2019 Theory Winter School

2019 Theory Winter School was held on January 7-11, 2019. The themes of the school are: Strongly correlated and quantum spin liquid physics, Weyl and topological physics and new computational techniques.

Invited Speakers

2019 Theory Winter School Videos

View the videos below or on the YouTube playlist.

  • Significance of correlations in the Weyl physics transition metal dichalcogenides

    Speaker: Efstatios Manousakis

    Length: 1:02:37

  • Introduction to Topological insulators and semimetals

    Speaker: Jennifer Cano

    Length: 1:05:19

  • Topological quantum chemistry: Theory

    Speaker: Jennifer Cano

    Length: 1:00:43

  • Novel transport phenomena in topological semimetals

    Speaker: Luis Balicas

    Length: 1:02:06

  • Topological Quantum Chemistry: Materials

    Speaker: Bogdan A. Bernevig

    Length: 1:11:39

  • Topological Quantum Chemistry: Theory

    Speaker: Bogdan A. Bernevig

    Length: 1:00:05

  • Fluctuating & disordered magnetism in insulating materials at low temperatures

    Speaker: Collin Broholm

    Length: 58:58

  • Understanding the role of electron correlations in some Weyl systems

    Speaker: Efstratios Manousakis

    Length: 53:40

  • Scientific Revolutions: How can a gapless system be topological?

    Speaker: Nandini Trivedi

    Length: 1:05:01

  • Superconductivity of strongly correlated electrons

    Speaker: Andrey Chubukov

    Length: 1:04:12

  • Frustrated magnetism: models and magnetic order

    Speaker: Rebecca Flint

    Length: 1:05:32

  • Spin fluctuations in strongly correlated electron systems

    Speaker: Collin Broholm

    Length: 55:53

  • Scientific Revolutions: How can an insulator become a superconductor?

    Speaker:  Nandini Trivedi

    Length: 57:59

  • Novel DMRG approaches for electronic structure

    Speaker: Steve White

    Length: 1:05:34

  • Correlations in solids within embedded Dynamical Mean Field Theory functional - Part 1

    Speaker: Kristjan Haule

    Length: 1:04:11

  • Correlations in solids within embedded Dynamical Mean Field Theory functional - Part 2

    Speaker: Kristjan Haule

    Length: 1:05:12

  • Frustrated magnetism: quantum spin liquids

    Speaker: Rebecca Flint

    Length: 1:03:48

  • Superconductivity vs non Fermi liquid near a quantum-critical point

    Speaker: Andrey Chubukov

    Length: 1:07:54

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