2018 Theory Winter School

2018 Theory Winter School was held on January 8-12, 2018. The lectures focus on the synergy among several disciplines of physics, including quantum information, condensed matter, cold atoms, high energy and statistical physics.

Invited Speakers

2018 Theory Winter School Videos

View the videos below or on the YouTube playlist.

  • The Time-dependent DMRG & Applications

    Speaker: Andrian Fenguin

    Length: 1:37:27

  • Quantum Error Correction for Bosonic Modes

    Speaker: Steven Girvin

    Length: 1:21:05

  • Entanglement Entropy

    Speaker: Steven Girvin

    Length: 1:09:10

  • Bipartite Entanglement I

    Speaker: Duncan Haldane

    Length: 1:17:13

  • Bipartite Entanglement II

    Speaker: Duncan Haldane

    Length: 1:45:00

  • Intro to Entanglement field theory & holo I

    Speaker: Matthew Hendrick

    Length: 1:14:58

  • Intro to Entanglement Field Theory & Holo II

    Speaker: Matthew Headrick

    Length: 1:20:26

  • Thermalization & Entanglement Dynamics

    Speaker: David Huse

    Length: 1:15:01

  • Many Body Localization

    Speaker: David Huse

    Length: 1:34:23

  • Quantum Simulation with Trapped Ions I

    Speaker: Rajibul Islam

    Length: 1:10:46

  • Quantum Simulation with Trapped Ions II

    Speaker: Rajibul Islam

    Length: 1:06:48

  • Motzkin Spin Chains

    Speaker: Israel Klich

    Length: 1:24:08

  • Entanglement in Quantum Liquids & Gases

    Speaker:  Adrian Del Maestro

    Length: 1:08:46

  • The SYK Model

    Speaker: Subir Sachdev

    Length: 1:23:23

  • Transport in Non Fermi Liquids

    Speaker: Subir Sachdev

    Length: 1:11:26

  • Quantum Entangle in Conformal & Topological 2

    Speaker: Ryu Shinsei

    Length: 1:27:39

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