2017 Theory Winter School

2017 Theory Winter School was held on January 9-13, 2017. The lectures focus on modeling of correlated electron materials. You can view the 2017 talks from the event or download 2017 Theory Winter School pdfposter

Invited Speakers

2017 Theory Winter School Videos

View the videos below or on the YouTube playlist.

  • DFT + DMFT & Extensions

    Speaker: Silke Biermann

    Length: 1:23:05

  • DMFT Tutorial Hands On

    Speaker: Silke Biermann & Steffan Backes

    Length: 1:11:56

  • Ab-initio Quantum Monte-Carlo (QMC) Methods

    Speaker: David Ceperley

    Length: 1:28:00

  • First Principles Modeling: Moderate Correlations

    Speaker: Giulia Galli

    Length: 1:54:19

  • NRG Methods & Applications

    Speaker: Kevin Ingersent

    Length: 1:26:05

  • Electronic Structure in the Strong Correlation Era

    Speaker: Gabi Kotliar

    Length: 1:42:33

  • Many-body Methods for Strong Correlations

    Speaker: Andrew Mills

    Length: 1:09:30

  • Electronic Structure: Successes & Challenges

    Speaker: Warren Pickett

    Length: 1:24:51

  • DMREF in the MGI Era

    Speaker: John Schlueter

    Length: 52:11

  • DMRG/TPS Methods Tutorial Hands On

    Speaker: Ulrich Schollwock

    Length: 1:12:51

  • DMRG & Tensor Product State (TPS) Methods

    Speaker: Ulrich Schollwock

    Length: 1:21:56

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