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New State at Extreme Quantum Limit

At high magnetic field, free-flowing electrons condense into “puddles.”

Semi-classical picture of the trajectories of Fermi level electrons

Symmetry Reduction in Quantum Kagomé Antiferromagnet

This area of research could help scientists understand high-temperature superconductivity and other mysteries.

Sample rotation angle (degrees)

Apply Now for Summer Camp!

Apply by April 8 for one of our three summer camps: SciGirls Camp, SciGirls Coding Camp or MagLab Summer Camp.

MagLab Summer Camp participants practice their engineering skills while constructing their chaos towers.

Special Phase Transition in Lead Chromium Oxide

Controlled by electron interactions, the Mott transition is accompanied by a reduction in the volume of the atomic lattice.

Temperature dependence of the dielectric susceptibility for PbCrO3 at different frequencies

MagLab Develops Chemical Analysis Software

The high-tech tools empower scientists studying petroleum and other complex molecules to make decisions based on advanced data analysis.

Ion mobility, Natural organic matter, and Petroleomics diagrams

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