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Climate Change: Good News and Bad News

Looking at environmental changes that occurred in ancient Earth, a research team finds new evidence of how the planet may handle excess carbon dioxide in the future.

Theodore Them and field assistant Emma Tulsky doing field work in Alberta, Canada.

Beating the Heat Treatment Problem

Looking for ways to make better superconductors, a young scientist homed in on how they were heat-treated. He was getting warmer.

Charlie Sanabria checks on samples in the furnace.

SciGirls Are Back!

At their two week-camp, aspiring scientists and engineers are learning skills and knowledge that will serve them on their path. Plus, they’re having of blast!

SciGirls 2017 campers

Superconductivity and Insulator-Metal Transitions

Findings open a new way of exploring the role of electrons in high-temperature superconductivity.

Alkali-doped fullerides (at left) and diagram (right) showing the phase transition between superconductivity (pink dome) and a three-dimensional Mott insulator (blue region), as shown by the yellow diamonds.

MRI Studies Link Mood Disorders to Heart Disease

High-resolution brain imaging provides evidence of depression, anxiety in diseased mice

MRI images of mice brains, with regions related to mood segmented out: the prefrontal cortex (PFC) and caudate putamen CPu).

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Last modified on 28 March 2017