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Seeking Clues to the Origins of Life

Nur Gueneli came to the MagLab to put ancient molecules into our magnets. Find out what she was looking for and what she has discovered so far.

 Nur Gueneli and MagLab research assistant Logan Krajewski.

Like Scientist ... Like Scion?

We celebrate the season of Mother's and Father's Day by asking the question: Do scientists parent any differently than other moms and dads?

MagLab physicist Scott Hannahs with daughter Maia.

How to Make a Mentor

Jim Brooks was a mentor to practically everyone he met. His life was a primer for educators everywhere on how to groom better scientists — and better people.

Jim Brooks at the lab's 2014 Open House.

MagLab at a Glance

A snappy new version of our annual report features facts and figures about our research, visiting scientists, educational outreach and economic impact.

Annual Report 2014

Finding Needles in a Data Haystack

A powerful new software that interprets complex data on crude oil is now available to researchers.

MagLab Researcher Yuri Corilo.

MagLab Reports

In this latest issue, read about the MagLab’s new look, the legacy of mentorship at the lab and why diamonds can be a scientist’s best friend.

MagLab Reports, Vol 22 No.1

Find out what's going on at the MagLab by reading the latest news and features, catching a quick video, or viewing our calendar.

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Magnets as Masterpieces

MagLab Director Gregory Boebinger presented this talk at the lab April 2, 2015.

Strange Way to a Nobel

Eric Betzig, recipient of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, discusses the path (including periods of unemployment) that led to the prize.

Science: What's to Love?

What's to love about science? Quite a lot, say visitors to our 2015 Open House. See why they think science is awesome ... then tell us what you love about science!

2015 Open House

This big, brainy and boisterous science extravaganza featured dozens of hands-on demos about magnetism, electricity and a whole lot more.

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Last modified on 11 May 2015