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Former horse trainers, bartenders and coaches are chiming in on a recent social media trend by sharing their first seven jobs, revealing the diversity of paths to science in the process.

(Left to right) Sean Coyne, Amy McKenna and Roxanne Hughes in their former lives as (respectively) a horse trainer, bartender and coach.

Research Gems are Creme de la Creme

We skimmed from the top to select the very best interdisciplinary research enabled by our magnets last year.

Best of 2015 research

A Global Resource

In 2015, the MagLab worked with 1,615 scientists from more than 300 universities, labs and companies around the globe. Find out who they are and where they're from.

MagLab user map.

Crowdsourcing Science

If you missed Pulsed Field Facility physicist Ross McDonald’s Science Cafe on electrons, join the crowd and watch it online!

Pulsed Field Facility physicist Ross McDonald’s Science Cafe

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Latest News & Features

  • Best Research of 2015
    A lot of great science happens at the National MagLab every year. Here’s a list of the best interdisciplinary research enabled by our world-record magnets in 2015.
    18 August 2016
  • MagLab scientists study solutions to nuclear waste problem
    With a new $10 million federal grant, an interdisciplinary group of researchers will explore the mysteries of the world’s most radioactive elements.
    19 July 2016
  • Seeing the future through crystals
    Deep in their beautiful lattices, crystals hold secrets about the future of technology and science. Ryan Baumbach aims to find them.
    13 July 2016
  • Science and cycling
    During the sport's biggest month of the year, MagLab staffers talk about how biking enhances their life — and their science.
    1 July 2016
  • Small wonders
    Science in a tight space requires ingenuity, tenacity and a really good pair of tweezers.
    23 June 2016
  • When scientists go on vacation
    Time off from the lab can recharge batteries, inspire new insights and give the brain a break — even when a little science sneaks in.
    14 June 2016
  • Sustainable science
    At the National MagLab, we believe in renewable, responsible science. Research conducted in high magnetic fields leads to materials and energy solutions that could have lasting impact on our world economy and ecosystem.
    22 April 2016
  • New approach to building magnets yields new world record
    No insulation? No problem! In fact, by challenging the conventions of magnet making, MagLab engineers created a first-of-its-kind magnet that has only just begun to make records.
    11 April 2016
  • Behind Laura Greene
    Hired in 2015 as chief scientist, this eminent physicist brings a dynamic array of talents to the MagLab.
    6 April 2016
  • MagLab researcher wins $2.5 million NIH award
    Physicist Huan-Xiang Zhou receives grant as part of the Maximizing Investigators' Research Award (MIRA).
    30 March 2016
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