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New Tool for Metabolomics

A new cryoprobe at the MagLab's AMRIS Facility will help scientists study the role of metabolic pathways in heart and liver disease and other health issues.

Researchers Ram Khattri (left) and Mukundan Ragavan work with the new cryoprobe.

Dynamics of helium-3 in nanotubes

Scientists observe emergent quantum fluid behavior of helium-3 confined to one dimension.

Temperature dependence of NMR relaxation times for helium-3 confined to the interior of MCM-41 nanochannels.

Big Boost for Bi-2212

MagLab-industry partnership ups the critical current density of this high-temperature superconductor by a third.

Bi-2212 filaments at high magnification.

Share Your Science

If you have conducted an experiment at the MagLab in 2017, it's time to report your findings to us — so that we can share them with scientists around the world.

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Last modified on 28 March 2017