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Music and Science in Perfect Harmony

Mark your calendars! In addition to our other popular exhibits, our 2016 Open House will feature special demonstrations and performances about the science of sound and music.

MagLab Open House 2016 poster

Meet Jenna Luek

A young chemist studying fracking fluids talks about what it's like when science hits close to home.

Jenna Luek.

My Science Valentine

Featuring Star Trek, Winnie the Pooh and the MagLab's Science Café, this is geek love at its finest.

Kenneth Edel and Sharon Murray.

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Latest Videos

January Science Café

High-Temperature Superconductors: How taming serendipity could change our world.

Arctic Expedition

View this 13-second video … then find out more!

October Science Café

Taming Tumors: Exploring the role of powerful MRI's in cancer care.

Science in a Sentence

Find out what the MagLab is all about in this 20-second nutshell.

Marvelous Microwaves

At our June Science Café, MagLab scientist Thierry Dubroca talks about microwaves and how scientists use them to perform cutting-edge research.

Latest News & Features

Last modified on 22 January 2016