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New World-Record Magnet Open for Science

State-of-the-art ion cyclotron resonance magnet system offers researchers significantly more power and accuracy than ever before.

21 tesla ICR magnet

Big Field Trapped in a Tiny Magnet

For the first time, researchers turn an iron-based high-temperature superconductor into a powerful magnet, paving the way for even stronger little magnets in the years ahead.


What's on Your Fridge?

Our fridges are plastered with our life stories. Tell us what your icebox says about you.


Feed Your Brain ...

Join us Oct. 6 at 6:15 p.m. for good food, good beverages and good science as FSU College of Medicine's Cathy Levenson talks about cutting-edge research on brain turmors.

Brain illustration.

What Do They Put in the Magnets?

Curious scientists put all sorts of things in our magnets -- including materials that are being developed into the next generation of powerful magnets.

Hitoshi Kitaguchi

This Week at the Lab ...

Theoretical physicist Nicola Lanata is settling into his office at the MagLab, his home for the next two years as the lab’s new Dirac Fellow.

Nicola Lanata.

Celebrate the Discoveries and Innovations of the Future!

Join us for a fun night of learning on October 21 at 5 p.m.

How Time McFlies poster

Homogeneity: More than Milk

Homogeneous magnets make data clearer for scientists. The MagLab has some of the most homogeneous magnets in the world.

36 tesla series connected hybrid magnet under construction.

The 2014 Highlights Issue

Discover the lab's 58 best research reports and see where our 1,442 users came from.

Cover of Volume 22, Issue 2 of MagLab Reports

Find out what's going on at the MagLab by reading the latest news and features, catching a quick video, or viewing our calendar.

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Science in a Sentence

Find out what the MagLab is all about in this 20-second nutshell.

Marvelous Microwaves

At our June Science Café, MagLab scientist Thierry Dubroca talks about microwaves and how scientists use them to perform cutting-edge research.

Magnets as Masterpieces

MagLab Director Gregory Boebinger presented this talk at the lab April 2, 2015.

Strange Way to a Nobel

Eric Betzig, recipient of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, discusses the path (including periods of unemployment) that led to the prize.

Science: What's to Love?

What's to love about science? Quite a lot, say visitors to our 2015 Open House. See why they think science is awesome ... then tell us what you love about science!

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Last modified on 2 October 2015