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Science: What's to Love?

Quite a lot, say visitors to our 2015 Open House. See why they heart science ... then tell us what you love about science!


Quantum Criticality

Scientists using our magnets bolster theory that quantum fluctuations drive strange electronic phenomena.

Qimiao Si

Welcome to our Website

More information for scientists, an expanded education section and a modern design that looks great no matter how you access the site.

The new website, as seen on various devices.

Twenty Years and Counting

The MagLab celebrates two decades of ground-breaking science and innovation.

Al Gore and other dignitaries at 1994 MagLab dedication.

The Lab that Never Sleeps

At all times of day and night, science is happening at the MagLab.

Exterior of the MagLab at night.

Find out what's going on at the MagLab by reading the latest news and features, catching a quick video, or viewing our calendar.

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Science: What's to Love?

What's to love about science? Quite a lot, say visitors to our 2015 Open House. See why they think science is awesome ... then tell us what you love about science!

2015 Open House

This big, brainy and boisterous science extravaganza featured dozens of hands-on demos about magnetism, electricity and a whole lot more.

Stuck on Science

We heart science at the MagLab — on Valentine's Day and every day! Come to our Open House (Feb. 21, 2015!) to get your dose of science love!

Celebrating Our History

This video commemorates the lab's 20-year history as we move science forward into the next decade and beyond.

Split Helix Magnet

This world-unique magnet system required a complete rethinking of resistive magnet technology’s limits.

Science Cafe

MagLab Director Greg Boebinger reflects on 10 years at the helm.


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Last modified on 25 February 2015