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Written for both scientists and science fans, fields magazine is about the very cool things researchers discover about our world using high-field magnets. Check out the first issue.

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Discovering Tomorrow's Nano-sensors

Scientists learned how to tune the optical properties of atomically-thin semiconductors, which will aid the design of microscopic light sensors.

(a) 2D excitons in monolayer WSe2 (b) The experiment: monolayer WSe2 is affixed to an optical fiber and encapsulated.

Decoding the Human Proteome

The MagLab’s 21-tesla FT-ICR magnet can identify human proteins far more efficiently than commercial instruments — a boon for medical research.

Number of structurally unique proteins identified per single LC-MS/MS injection

Deconstructing the Series Connected Hybrid Magnet

The engineering marvel that is the 36-tesla SCH magnet is made up of many parts. Demystify the MagLab's newest world-record instrument through this interactive learning experience.

Parts of the SCH magnet

Prestigious Honor for MagLab Chemist

Naresh Dalal has been named a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Naresh Dalal, Robert O. Lawton Professor of Chemistry

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Last modified on 30 March 2016