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Bolstering Industry Partnerships

A new agreement with Tallahassee company aims to strengthen relationships between the lab and private industry.

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New 32T Magnet Measurements

Nuclear magnetic resonance measurements in the new 32 T all-superconducting magnet work to confirm a new quantum state showcasing the game-changing nature of this magnet.


Crystal Clear Phase

Researchers found evidence of a crystal phase inside the liquid phase of a 2D semiconductor, work that could have applications in high-speed electronics.

(Left) Schematic phase diagram of interacting 2D electrons or holes. (Right) Wigner crystallization appears as a reentrant insulating phase (RIP) in the magneto-resistance traces of 2D holes at low temperatures

Test Coil Triumph

A new superconducting test coil with more than 1300 meters of conductor demonstrates a new winding technique and fatigue cycling capabilities, advances toward a future 40T magnet.

(Left) Reinforcement is co-wound between each pair of REBCO tapes. (Right) “Test Coil 0”, wound and instrumented just before being inserted into a 12T test bed magnet.

Science Night Goes Virtual

Join us each month for a free, family-friendly science activity delivered LIVE on Zoom right to your devices.

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The Wonderful World of MOFs!

Follow us down this yellow brick road to learn about these tiny molecules packed with potential.

Metal-organic frameworks story

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What a magnetized iron screwdriver can teach us about the post-COVID economy

What is hysteresis and how does it relate to both #physics and the post COVID-19 economy? Listen to this story from Marketplace featuring MagLab researcher Liz Green for the explanation.

Source: | Published: December 2, 2020


OK, What is room-temperature superconducting and will it change everything?

MagLab Chief Materials Scientist David Larbalestier explains the magic of superconductivity and how recent discoveries show we're closer than ever to developing potentially world-changing technology.

Source: | Published: November 6, 2020


FAMU-FSU Engineering student awarded esteemed fellowship from U.S. Department of Energy

MagLab graduate student is selected for the DOE's Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) Program to study superconductivity in REBCO at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Source: FSU News | Published: November 5, 2020

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Last modified on 7 December 2020