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A Year at the MagLab

Want to understand the scope and impact of the National MagLab in just a few minutes? Check out this short-and-sweet brochure.

2015 At a Glance - MagLab Annual Report

Sustainable Science

Take a deeper look at the 3 R's of conservation -- reduce, reuse, recycle -- MagLab style.

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce - Graphic by Caroline McNiel

Getting a Bang out of Science

A MagLab physicist and engineer pair up to demonstrate the lab's famous Quarter Shrinking Machine, a loud, stinky illustration of electrodynamics, circuits and bad puns.

Eric Stiers and William Coniglio in front of the Quarter Shrinking Machine

Droppin' Science

What makes the National MagLab’s electrifying Open House so dope? Get hip to the answer with the lab’s resident rapper.

MagLab Rapper Noah Fuentes clowns around at Open House

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Last modified on 30 March 2016