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Quantum Nitride Materials

Can a widely-used, mature nitride system hold the key to quantum technologies of the future?

(a) Layer structure of the epitaxial nitride heterostructure. (b) High-resolution transmission electron microscopy image of the semiconductor /superconductor interface.

Hot-Bronze Thin Film

MagLab researchers have discovered a new fabrication of Nb3Sn that will could yield compact, portable accelerators for industrial, medical and environmental applications.

Bright field STEM cross-section images of Nb3Sn films produced using (a) the newly-discovered hot bronze method and (b) the post-reaction method.

Fungal findings

New research reveals molecular architecture of fungal cell walls and the structural responses to stresses, work that could help develop more effective anti fungal medications for millions.

Illustrative scheme of the fungal cell wall as a composition of many different polysaccharides and associated proteins.

Space Simulator

Researchers develop a novel design for a magnetic levitation-based low-gravity simulator that promises to break new group for future space research.

A schematic of the magnet system

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