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A Conversation with Jeremy Owens

Thanks to funding from a prestigious fellowship, this MagLab geochemist will learn more about ancient climate change, and perhaps help us understand modern climate change in the process.

Jeremy Owens

Science Friends, Through Thick and Thin

When women in STEM encounter hurdles in their careers, having fellow female scientists as friends can make all the difference.

Left to right: Amy McKenna, Huan Chen, Komalavalli Thirunavukkuarasu and Laura Greene.

MLK Distinguished Service Award Winner

Congratulations to MagLab researcher Huan Chen who was awarded for her work to advance the diversity and research mission of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and FSU.

Huan Chen awarded MLK Distinguished Service Award

Picture Paints a Thousand Molecules

Scientists have captured molecular maps of animal tissue with unprecedented detail by coupling a powerful technique with a world-record magnet.

This image of a rat brain, generated with the MagLab's 21-tesla ICR mass spectrometer, reveals the distribution of three specific lipids.

Need a Magnet?

Use this search tool to search for a magnet by technique, field strength, bore size or other parameter.

36 tesla SCH magnet

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One Lab, Three Locations

Map of MagLab locations and institutions.

The MagLab is a partnership among Florida State University, the University of Florida and Los Alamos National Laboratory. Our seven facilities offer a variety of tools and techniques for exploring physics, chemistry, biology and engineering in an interdisciplinary, collaborative environment.

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Last modified on 8 February 2018