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Magic Gap Ratio

A defining experimental signature of a crossover in the strength of the pairing interactions has been discovered in high temperature superconductors.

BCS (left) refers to a conventional Bardeen-Schrieffer-Cooper state (i.e. weak pairing state) found in most superconductors, while BEC (right) refers to the strong pairing limit of a Bose-Einstein Condensate.

Zeolite Catalysts

Ultra-high magnetic field NMR spectroscopy provides details on the structures and proximities of zeolite catalysts that are widely used in modern industrial processes.

Left: A zeolite micropore and pair of active sites. Right: The signal-to-noise and spectral resolution in 17O NMR spectra is significantly enhanced at higher magnetic fields.

Research Experiences for Undergraduates

Apply by December 2, 2022 for this intensive, hands-on summer research program at the MagLab.

REU participant Marcos Corchado in the lab.

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