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Spine-Chilling Science Fun

Join us Oct. 25 for a night of hair-raising science activities and eerie experiments conducted by our spooky scientists. It's free and family-friendly!

Spine Chilling Science Fun

Listen to the Lab

Whether we’re making magnets or running experiments, we make a pretty good ruckus here at the MagLab. Hear what we do with this cool interactive activity.

Graphic by Caroline McNiel

Tapping into the Topological Promise

This year's Nobel Prize in Physics has put topological materials in the headlines worldwide. But at the National MagLab, they're old news.

Illustrations from research on topological matter from experiments done at the MagLab.

Watch Science Café Online

Missed the recent "Underwater Edition" of the MagLab's Science Café ? You can now catch it on YouTube.

Jessi Halligan and Lamar English at Science Cafe

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Last modified on 30 March 2016