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New Chief Scientist

Leading physicist Laura H. Greene will help shape the future of the National MagLab.

New Chief Scientist - Laura Greene

The 2014 Highlights Issue

Discover the lab's 58 best research reports and see where our 1,442 users came from.

Cover of Volume 22, Issue 2 of MagLab Reports

Meet Andreas Neubauer

This scientist took the extended stay option during his recent trip to the MagLab. After all, you can't rush art — especially when it's mixed with science.

Andreas Neubauer and Victor Schepkin.

Phosphorene: "Just Right" for a Materials Revolution?

Read why black phosphorus may hit all the right buttons for next-generation electronics.

Illustration of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Ooh, Aah, Wow, Cool!

That's what you hear when MagLab educators come to the classroom.

MagLab educator Carlos Villa in the classroom.

Coming Back for More Science

When a Florida teacher had the chance to spend a second summer doing research at the MagLab, he didn’t have to think twice.

Science teacher Jorge Natal.

To conduct, or to insulate? That is the question

Researchers working at the National MagLab have identified a material that behaves as a conductor and an insulator at the same time.

Aidan Zabalo

Breaking the Tape

Using a groundbreaking material, the MagLab finishes first in the race for the world's strongest superconducting magnet.

YBCO tape.

The MagLab Measures Up

Dozens of measurement techniques are available to MagLab users, from dilatometry to thermometry.

Transmission pulsed ultrasound cell used at the High B/T Facility.

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Latest Videos

Marvelous Microwaves

At our June Science Café, MagLab scientist Thierry Dubroca talks about microwaves and how scientists use them to perform cutting-edge research.

Magnets as Masterpieces

MagLab Director Gregory Boebinger presented this talk at the lab April 2, 2015.

Strange Way to a Nobel

Eric Betzig, recipient of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, discusses the path (including periods of unemployment) that led to the prize.

Science: What's to Love?

What's to love about science? Quite a lot, say visitors to our 2015 Open House. See why they think science is awesome ... then tell us what you love about science!

2015 Open House

This big, brainy and boisterous science extravaganza featured dozens of hands-on demos about magnetism, electricity and a whole lot more.

Latest News & Features

  • New chief scientist
    National Academy of Science member Laura Greene started as the MagLab's chief scientist on August 17, bringing more than 20 years of scientific expertise and teaching experience to the world's largest and highest powered magnet lab.
    19 August 2015
  • Science = Ooh + Aah + Wow + Cool!
    At the MagLab, back to school means back to cool … as in cool science lessons, teacher workshops, internships and other STEM education programs.
    12 August 2015
  • Five reasons phosphorene may be a new wonder material
    A material that you may never have heard of could be paving the way for a new electronic revolution.
    28 July 2015
  • Happy birthday, 900!
    We celebrate one of our flagship magnets and its decade of service to science.
    23 July 2015
  • Field trip of dreams
    If you build fun, hands-on, science excursions, the girls will come. That's what SciGirls Summer Camp is all about.
    20 July 2015
  • From SciGirls to SciWomen: A decade of SciGirls summer camp
    Ten years and 260 girls later, we look back at the impact of SciGirls, a unique, hands-on summer camp for girls who dig science, by talking to two former campers.
    7 July 2015
  • To conduct, or to insulate? That is the question
    Researchers working at the National MagLab have identified a material that behaves as a conductor and an insulator at the same time, challenging current understanding of how materials behave, and pointing to a new type of insulating state.
    2 July 2015
  • Bridge to diversity
    Getting a PhD in science is an arduous feat; for some minority students, it can be especially challenging. The MagLab is working to give these students the tools and opportunities they need to see their journey through.
    24 June 2015
  • MagLab claims record with novel superconducting magnet
    On the road toward a groundbreaking all-superconducting magnet, the MagLab successfully tests a prototype that is already in the record books.
    10 June 2015
  • MagLab veteran takes the helm of lab's ICR Facility
    Chris Hendrickson has been named director of lab's ICR Facility, just as the facility prepares to unveil a new world-record instrument built according to his design.
    7 May 2015
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