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New Way to Create Topological Switch

Ultrafast manipulation of material properties with light could stimulate the development of novel electronics, including quantum computers.

Tungsten ditelluride image

Finding Chinks in the Cell Wall of Fungi

Identifying the complex cell wall structure of a deadly fungus will help scientists develop more effective drugs to attack them.

Left: Two-dimensional 13C-13C spectra. Right: Representative structure of glycans.

Can These Quirky Compounds Crack the Quantum Code?

A "Kondo metamagnet" discovered by a Rice University-led group is the first in a family of eccentric quantum crystals.

An illustration of the step-wise metamagnetic transition of a new quantum material discovered in the lab of Rice physicist Emilia Morosan.

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One Lab, Three Locations

Map of MagLab locations and institutions.

The MagLab is a partnership among Florida State University, the University of Florida and Los Alamos National Laboratory. Our seven facilities offer a variety of tools and techniques for exploring physics, chemistry, biology and engineering in an interdisciplinary, collaborative environment.

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Last modified on 8 February 2018