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What Issues Keep Women & Girls out of STEM?

Come learn why women represent 50% of the population, but less than 30% of STEM professionals & find out what the MagLab is doing about it at the August 29th Science Café.

Illustration of the women and science by Caroline McNiel

Strange State of Matter in Superconducting Crystal

Published in Nature, the discovery could help scientists better understand exotic behaviors of electrons.

False-colour SEM image of a CeRhIn5 crystalline microstructured device

New Center to Develop Wide Range of Novel Materials

A multimillion-dollar NSF grant will fund a new center focused on developing novel materials with applications in health, energy and materials.

(Left to right) Subramanian Ramakrishnan, Tarik Dickens and Mandip Singh Sachdeva will establish the Center for Complex Materials Design for Multidimensional Additive Processing.

More Accurate Diagnosis for Multiple Myeloma

Groundbreaking technique could lead to precise, personalized cancer diagnosis and monitoring.

Researchers observe exotic superfluid in graphene

New Grant for Biomedical Technology

MagLab receives $5.8M to develop world-unique instrumentation that will help combat diseases like Alzheimer's and tuberculosis.

From left to right: Tim Cross, Joanna Long , and William Brey

Exotic Superfluid in Graphene

Two research teams observe unusual behavior that could fundamentally change how electronics are designed.

Researchers observe exotic superfluid in graphene

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Last modified on 28 March 2017