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To conduct, or to insulate? That is the question

Researchers working at the National MagLab have identified a material that behaves as a conductor and an insulator at the same time.

Aidan Zabalo

Bridge to Diversity

Through a program for underrepresented minorities, the MagLab is giving young scientists the tools and opportunities they need to complete their journey to a PhD.

Aidan Zabalo

Breaking the Tape

Using a groundbreaking material, the MagLab finishes first in the race for the world's strongest superconducting magnet.

YBCO tape.

The MagLab Measures Up

Dozens of measurement techniques are available to MagLab users, from dilatometry to thermometry.

Transmission pulsed ultrasound cell used at the High B/T Facility.

Magnetic Magnifications

What do superconducting materials look like close up? Gorgeous! Check out our image and video library for a front-row seat.

Bi-2212 filament structur

MagLab at a Glance

A snappy new version of our annual report features facts and figures about our research, visiting scientists, educational outreach and economic impact.

Annual Report 2014

Find out what's going on at the MagLab by reading the latest news and features, catching a quick video, or viewing our calendar.

Latest Videos

Magnets as Masterpieces

MagLab Director Gregory Boebinger presented this talk at the lab April 2, 2015.

Strange Way to a Nobel

Eric Betzig, recipient of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, discusses the path (including periods of unemployment) that led to the prize.

Science: What's to Love?

What's to love about science? Quite a lot, say visitors to our 2015 Open House. See why they think science is awesome ... then tell us what you love about science!

2015 Open House

This big, brainy and boisterous science extravaganza featured dozens of hands-on demos about magnetism, electricity and a whole lot more.

Latest News & Features

  • To conduct, or to insulate? That is the question
    Researchers working at the National MagLab have identified a material that behaves as a conductor and an insulator at the same time, challenging current understanding of how materials behave, and pointing to a new type of insulating state.
    2 July 2015
  • Bridge to diversity
    Getting a PhD in science is an arduous feat; for some minority students, it can be especially challenging. The MagLab is working to give these students the tools and opportunities they need to see their journey through.
    24 June 2015
  • MagLab claims record with novel superconducting magnet
    On the road toward a groundbreaking all-superconducting magnet, the MagLab successfully tests a prototype that is already in the record books.
    10 June 2015
  • MagLab veteran takes the helm of lab's ICR Facility
    Chris Hendrickson has been named director of lab's ICR Facility, just as the facility prepares to unveil a new world-record instrument built according to his design.
    7 May 2015
  • Like scientist ... like scion?
    Many scientists and engineers at the MagLab moonlight as moms and dads. What can they teach the layperson about raising scientists — or better kids?
    5 May 2015
  • Powerful software reveals crude oil's secrets
    A powerful new software package that interprets highly complex data for scientists studying crude oil is now available to researchers worldwide.
    30 April 2015
  • Looking back, moving forward
    The National MagLab looks back on two decades and offers a glimpse into the future.
    15 April 2015
  • A new MagLab look
    When young designers imagine the MagLab’s public areas, the unique collaboration creates more than just ideas.
    14 April 2015
  • Using magnetic fields to understand high-temperature superconductivity
    Los Alamos explores experimental path to potential 'next theory of superconductivity'
    6 April 2015
  • Research may answer important superconductivity questions
    Are electrons stronger in pairs? MagLab physicists released new research published in Nature Communications that could help answer a looming question about the strength of Cooper pairs in high temperature superconducting materials.
    16 March 2015
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