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MagLab/NIH research sheds new light on the formation of harmful structures that can lead to neurodegenerative diseases.

Solid state NMR structure of the FUS low complexity domain. In the foreground is a backbone trace of nine repeating units (in pink) in the protein fibrils. In the background is a light microscope image of liquid droplets formed by the FUS low complexity domain that are melted by phosphorylation of the fibril core region.

Whiteboard as Canvas

The eyes of an artist reveal the beauty and emotion behind this quintessentially scientific medium. Read more in fields magazine.

Illustration by Caroline McNeil

New Multifunctional Material Holds Water

A drop of H20 serves as a reversible switch for cobalt-based material, changing both its color and magnetic properties.

A reversible and selective switch in color and magnetic behavior

New Findings on Quasiparticle Mass Enhancement

The study sheds light on the role of quasiparticle mass enhancement near a quantum critical point in a leading family of high-temperature superconductors.

Temperature dependence of the upper critical field in thin films with various doping levels

Exotic Quantum Particle Observed in Bilayer Graphene

Proving a 30-year-old theory called the even-denominator fractional quantum Hall state, the research bolsters the material’s potential for quantum computation.

Columbia researchers observe exotic quantum particle in bilayer graphene.

Heavy Element Defies Simple Quantum Mechanics

Chemists find that the simple theory of quantum mechanics breaks down under the weight of berkelium.

Thomas Albrecht-Schmitt.

Stuck with Neodymium?

Using high-field electromagnets, scientists explore a promising alternative to widely used, but increasingly expensive, neodymium-based permanent magnets.

MagLab materials scientist Ke Han with tiny samples of manganese gallium, which has shown promise for magnetic applications.

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