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Wet your Whistle at Science Café!

Join us Oct. 4 at Tallahassee watering hole Backwoods Bistro, where science stories featuring underwater caves and ancient stone tools will be flowing freely.

Illustration of the caves by Caroline McNiel

X-ray + Split Magnet = Powerful Science

An NSF grant to build an x-ray diffractometer for the MagLab's unique split helix magnet will introduce a new tool for scientists — the strongest of its kind in the world.

Illustration of x-rays in magnetic fields by Caroline McNiel

A Wide World of Worm-made Compounds

An unusual, complex compound discovered in worms may be the harbinger of countless discoveries to come — some with potential benefits for humankind.

Illustration of the characterization of a natural compound found in worms.

Transitions in “shape-shifting” molecules

With a sufficiently high magnetic field, scientists can manipulate certain phase transitions in some molecules, a discovery that hints at future technological applications.

When placed in a high magnetic field (B), the molecules straightened out significantly.

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Latest News & Features

  • Funding to add x-rays to MagLab's research mix
    A new x-ray instrument will become the strongest of its kind thanks to the power of the MagLab’s flagship split helix magnet.
    28 September 2016
  • New grant taps into MagLab's educational expertise
    A new three-year, $1.2 million grant will change the way girls are taught science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in informal educational settings around the country.
    22 September 2016
  • MagLab measures a megabeast
    When documentary filmmakers needed to know the bite force of a prehistoric megabeast, who did they turn to? The National MagLab.
    26 August 2016
  • MagLab chemist explores outer regions of periodic table
    Probing the cryptic last row of the periodic table, MagLab scientists uncover secrets of the highly radioactive element berkelium.
    25 August 2016
  • Best Research of 2015
    A lot of great science happens at the National MagLab every year. Here’s a list of the best interdisciplinary research enabled by our world-record magnets in 2015.
    18 August 2016
  • MagLab scientists study solutions to nuclear waste problem
    With a new $10 million federal grant, an interdisciplinary group of researchers will explore the mysteries of the world’s most radioactive elements.
    19 July 2016
  • Seeing the future through crystals
    Deep in their beautiful lattices, crystals hold secrets about the future of technology and science. Ryan Baumbach aims to find them.
    13 July 2016
  • Science and cycling
    During the sport's biggest month of the year, MagLab staffers talk about how biking enhances their life — and their science.
    1 July 2016
  • Small wonders
    Science in a tight space requires ingenuity, tenacity and a really good pair of tweezers.
    23 June 2016
  • When scientists go on vacation
    Time off from the lab can recharge batteries, inspire new insights and give the brain a break — even when a little science sneaks in.
    14 June 2016
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