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A Global User Community

Researchers from institutions around the world do experiments at the lab every year. Find out more about who they are and where they’re from with these interactive tools!

A Global User Community graphic by Caroline McNiel

Cream of the Crop

Read the best research in condensed matter physics, chemistry, life sciences, and magnet science and technology from across the lab.

Best of 2016 research

Get Some Science this Summer

The MagLab is offering free outreach to summer camps, programs and community gatherings from June 4 to July 29.

Summer Outreach

Why High-Temperature Superconductors?

The race to discover ever-warmer superconductors is heating up. Find out what these materials are, what they’re good for and why this field is red hot.

Magneto-optical image of a 3.3 mm wide YBCO on RABiTS coated conductor.

How Do DC Motors Work?

They make things like appliances and power tools work by converting electrical energy to mechanical energy. Find out how in our latest installment of See-Thru Science.

DC motor

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