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What Do They Put in the Magnets?

With the help of the world's strongest MRI machine, a scientist uses a novel technique to pinpoint ground zero for a migraine.

MRI scans of rodent brains.

Watch the video

If you missed our October event featuring Florida State University's Cathy Levenson, catch up by viewing it on our YouTube channel.

Tim Cross.

Superior User Support

Our in-house scientists and technicians share their expertise with visiting researchers, playing a key role in the cutting-edge experiments conducted at the MagLab. Read what our users have to say.

MagLab scientist Dave Graf.

Explore Electricity and Magnetism

Our demonstrations, videos, activities and articles answer questions about all things electric and magnetic, whether you're a student, a teacher or just plain curious.

Illustrations about electricity and magnetism.

The 2014 Highlights Issue

Discover the lab's 58 best research reports and see where our 1,442 users came from.

Cover of Volume 22, Issue 2 of MagLab Reports

Find out what's going on at the MagLab by reading the latest news and features, catching a quick video, or viewing our calendar.

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October Science Café

Taming Tumors: Exploring the role of powerful MRI's in cancer care.

Science in a Sentence

Find out what the MagLab is all about in this 20-second nutshell.

Marvelous Microwaves

At our June Science Café, MagLab scientist Thierry Dubroca talks about microwaves and how scientists use them to perform cutting-edge research.

Magnets as Masterpieces

MagLab Director Gregory Boebinger presented this talk at the lab April 2, 2015.

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Last modified on 13 November 2015