Message from the MagLab Director regarding the COVID-19

Here at the MagLab, we value the health and safety of our staff, users, visitors and community.

While research efforts across our three sites are in various stages of resuming operations, many of our staff continue working from home and we will not be hosting onsite users until further notice.

Users whose research has been impacted by COVID-related restrictions are encouraged to contact their MagLab Facility Director or scientific host to see if remote access, sending samples or working with on-site collaborators is an option to continue their high magnetic field experiments at this time.

We pledge to do our best to accommodate any researcher whose experiments have been interrupted as soon as possible. For some users, we are able to accommodate their experiments now.

The National MagLab is headquartered at Florida State University. For all FSU-related COVID-19 updates, see

The MagLab's AMRIS and High B/T user facilities are located at the University of Florida. For all UF-related COVID-19 updates, see

The MagLab's Pulsed Field Facility is located at Los Alamos National Laboratory. For all LANL-related COVID-19 updates, see

Please continue to look to the CDC and Florida Department of Health for guidance as circumstances evolve.

Thank you for your understanding during these challenging times,

Greg Boebinger

Last modified on 8 July 2020