Dual Beam Focused Ion Beam/Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

Bob Goddard uses the Zeiss 1540 EsB crossbeam scanning electron microscope Bob Goddard uses the Zeiss 1540 EsB crossbeam scanning electron microscope

The Zeiss 1540EsB is a multi-technique dual beam (electron and Ga ion) field emission Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with a spatial resolution for imaging of 1 nanometer (0.8 nm STEM).

This multifunctional tool has many advanced features:

  • FIB: The low-energy capable Focused Ion Beam (FIB) column, allows for live-imaging of samples at high magnification (both microscopes have 1 nm resolution) while simultaneously machining with 5 nanometer precision using a stream of Ga ions.
  • EsB: Low voltage in-lens backscattered electron imaging (also in-lens secondary electron imaging).
  • GIS: A gas injection system makes it possible to deposit material for protective coatings and contacts as well as to modify etch rates and is an essential tool for the automated preparation of transmission electron microscope specimens.
  • OIM: High resolution crystallographic orientation imaging (high speed Hikari camera).
  • EDS: Fast chemical mapping (EDAX Apollo XPP SDD detector with a tested <126 eV energy resolution measured at MnK and 10 kcps and 20 kV, capable of 850,000 cps). Both the OIM and EDS systems are integrated allowing simultaneous mapping of the same area.
  • NPGS: Electron lithography (Nabity Nanopattern Generating System) and FIB patterning.
  • Nanoprobe: An Omniprobe Autoprobe (model 200.2) provides precise sample extraction and manipulation as well as mechanical (NanoMech) and electrical testing (AETA).

This system is ideally suited to providing electron-transparent sample for imaging in the MagLab’s spherical aberration probe corrected JEM-ARM200cF sub-Å resolution scanning transmission analytical electron microscope.

Information on how this instrument is being used is available on our scheduling page (accessible only to MagLab and FSU staff) and by contacting Yan Xin.

Last modified on 23 November 2022