8 April 2014

Neutron Scattering at 25 Teslas: MagLab Completes Coil for Series-Connected Hybrid Magnet

The MagLab has delivered the resistive insert coils for the 25-Tesla Series Connected Hybrid Magnet for the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin. This magnet system includes a unique conical warm bore with 30 degree opening angle and will be used for neutron-scattering experiments and an unprecedented 25T central field. This constitutes a 47% increase in magnetic field available for these experiments while also providing an increase in solid-angle.

For more information contact Jack Toth.


  • Research Area: Magnet Technology
  • Research Initiatives: Energy,Materials
  • Facility / Program: DC Field, MS&T
  • Year: 2014
Last modified on 4 March 2015