Completed Magnet Projects

45 Tesla Hybrid Magnet for Nijmegen

The MagLab is playing a key role in the design and construction of a new 45 tesla hybrid magnet to be located at the High Field Magnet Lab at Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

32 Tesla All-Superconducting Magnet

Successfully tested in 2017, this magnet is the world's most powerful superconducting magnet — by a long shot.

Series Connected Hybrid, HZB

In 2014, MagLab completed the world's strongest magnet for neutron scattering for the Helmholtz Centre Berlin (HZB).

100 Tesla Magnet

The Pulsed Field Facility has the world's only scientific program that has delivered scientific results in non-destructive magnetic fields up to and exceeding 100 tesla.

25 Tesla, 32 mm Split Helix Magnet (Cell 5)

The Split-Florida Helix (SFH) magnet is the first modern powered magnet optimized for advanced optical spectroscopy techniques requiring wide, free-space access to samples.

60 Tesla Controlled Waveform Magnet

Also known as the 60 Tesla Long Pulse, this magnet allows users to specify the magnetic field profile. In particular, this magnet has the ability to sustain peak fields for up to 100 ms.

900 MHz 105 mm NMR Magnet

At 21.1 tesla, this is the strongest MRI scanner in the world for small animals. It is located in the MagLab's Tallahassee headquarters.

36 Tesla, 40 mm Bore Series Connected Hybrid Magnet (Cell 14)

This magnet can be used for both condensed matter science physics and NMR spectroscopy. It is the strongest magnet in the world for NMR.

45 Tesla, 32 mm Bore Hybrid Magnet (Cell 15)

The lab’s flagship magnet, the 45 tesla hybrid is composed of a 33.5 tesla resistive magnet nested in an 11.5 tesla outsert.