41.5-Tesla Resistive Magnet

World-record 41-tesla resistive magnet. World-record 41-tesla resistive magnet. Stephen Bilenky

The MagLab has designed, built and tested a 41 tesla resistive magnet, the strongest in the world.

On Aug. 21, 2017, the MagLab tested a new resistive magnet that reached 41.4 teslas, the culmination of two and a half intense years of design and development. In so doing, the lab reclaimed the record for the world’s strongest resistive magnet, which it had held for 19 years up until 2014.

Magnet Specs
Strength 41.4 tesla
Type Resistive
Power supply

32 MW

Bore size

32 mm


Copper-silver alloy & copper

Cost $3.5 million (includes spare coils)
Weight 6 tons
Number of coils 6
Coil dimensions 730 mm tall, 1,000 mm wide (outer diameter)

The new system will be made available to visiting scientists in 2019.

Fueled by 32 megawatts of DC power, the magnet vaulted over the previous record-holders, a 38.5-tesla resistive magnet in Hefei, China, and a 37.5-tesla resistive magnet in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

The new instrument answers the call of physicists for ever-stronger resistive magnets in order to observe new phenomena in materials. Studies of superconductors and ultra-thin materials like graphene will benefit particularly from the ability of this new magnet to reverse the direction of the field during experiments.

This larger magnet allowed designers to use 50 percent more coils, which enabled power to be distributed more efficiently within the magnet and reach a new record with the same materials.

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Last modified on 3 October 2018