Van S Griffin

Sr. Research Associate

ASC, Scientific Staff


Contact Information

Phone (850) 645-7499
Fax (850) 645-7754
Address 2031 E. Paul Dirac Dr.
Tallahassee , FL 32310-
Building Shaw Building

Publications and Scientific Activities


    1. A CORC© cable insert solenoid: the first high-temperature superconducting insert magnet tested at currents exceeding 4 {kA} in 14 T background magnetic field van der Laan, D.C.; Weiss, J.D.; Trociewitz, U.P.; Abraimov, D.V.; Francis, A.; Gillman, J.; Davis, D.S.; Kim, Y.K.; Griffin, V.S.; Miller, G.E.; Weijers, H.W.; Cooley, L.D.; Larbalestier, D.C.; Wang, X.R. Superconductor Science and Technology, 33, 5, 05LT03 (2020)


    1. Je(4.2 K, 31.2T) beyond 1 kA/mm2 of a ~3.2 μm thick, 20 mol% Zr-added MOCVD REBCO coated conductor Xu, A.; Zhang, Y.; Heydari Gharahcheshmeh, M.; Yao, Y.; Galstyan, E.; Abraimov, D.; Kametani, F.; Polyanskii, A.; Jaroszynski, J.; Griffin, V.; Majkic, G.; Larbalestier, D.C. and Selvamanickam, V. Nature Scientific Reports, 7, 6853 (2017)


    1. Characterization of (Re)BCO conductor for development of 32T superconducting magnet Abraimov, D.; Weijers, H.W.; Markiewicz, W.D.; Santos, M.; McCallister, J.; Francis, A.; Griffin, V.; Jaroszynski J.; Jiang, J.; Lu, J.; Toplosky, V.; Jarvis, B.; Carter, S.; Viouchkov, Y.L. and Larbalestier, D.C. Applied Superconducting Conference 2014 Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, North Carolina, United States August 10-15 (2014)


    1. Quality assurance tests of Nb3Sn wires for the series-connected hybrid magnets Lu, J.; Han, K.; Dixon, I.R.; Bunne, M.; Griffin, V.S.; Zhang, Y.; Field, M.B. and Parrell, J.A. IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 21, 3, 2571 (2011)


    1. Quality Assurance Tests of Nb3Sn Wires for the Series-connected Hybrid Magnets Lu, J.; Han, K.; Dixon, I.R.; Bunne, M.; Griffin, V.; Zhang, Y.Z.; Field, M.B. and Parrell J.A. Applied Superconductivity Conf. Washington D.C., United States August 3 (2010)


    1. Filament Bridging and Connectivity in Bi-2212 Round Wire Jiang, J.; Trociewitz, U.; Shen, T.; Ymamoto, A.; Griffin, V.S.; Craig, N.C.; Kametani, F.; Schwartz, J.; Hellstrom, E.E. and Larbalestier, D.C. 2009 CEC-ICMC Tucson, Arizona, United States June 29-July 2 (2009)