Sastry Venkata Pamidi

Associate Professor, Electrical & Computing Engineering; Associate Director, Center for Advanced Power Systems

ASC, Scientific Staff


Contact Information

Phone (850) 644-1447
Fax (850) 644-7456
Address 2000 Levy Street
Tallahassee , FL 32310-3706
Building CAPS Research Bldg. A

Publications and Scientific Activities


    1. Magnetic shielding of long paraboloid structures in the inhomogeneous magnetic field Kvitkovic, J.; Burnside, K.; Zhang, M.; Pamidi, S. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 1559, 012117 (2020)
      Publication relates to previous work or is not supported by the MagLab's NSF core grant in any way.


    1. Application of AC Loss on HTS Magnet using Frequency Loss Induced Quench (FLIQ) Protection System Ijagbemi, K.; Davis, D.; Pamidi, S.; Stiers, E. and Bai, H. International Conference on Magnet Technology Vancouver, Canada 09/22- 09/27 (2019)
    2. Frequency Loss Induced Quench (FLIQ) Protection System for Insulated Coil REBCO Magnets Ijagbemi, K.; Davis, D.; Stiers, E.; Bai, H. and Pamidi, S. Cryogenic Engineering Conference and International Cryogenic Materials Conference Hartford, Connecticut, United States 7/21 - 7/25 (2019)


    1. Frequency Loss Induced Quench Protection System for High Temperature Superconductors Ijagbemi, K.; Noyes, P.; Stiers, E. and Pamidi, S. CEC-ICMC Madison, Wisconsin, United States July 9-13 (2017)


    1. Significant Reduction of AC Losses in YBCO Patterned Coated Conductors with Transposed Filaments Abraimov, D.; Gurevich, A.; Polyanskii, A.; Cai, X.Y.; Xu, A.; Pamidi, S.; Labalestier, D.C. and Thieme, C.L.H. Superconductor Science and Technology, 21, 082004, 1-4 (2008)
    2. Self-field quench behavior of multifilamentary MgB2 wires in liquid helium Wang, X.; Pamidi, S.V.P.S.S.; Trociewitz, U.P. and Schwartz, J. Cryogenics, 48, 469-477 (2008)
    3. Combined study of spatially varying dissipation in RABiTS coated conductor using LTLSM and FIB-SEM sectioning Abraimov, D.; Kametani, F.; Gurevich, A.; Pamidi, S.; Li, P.; Xu, A.; Larbalestier, D.C.; Li, X. and Rupich, M. Applied Superconductivity Conf. 2008 Chicago, Illinois, United States August 17-22 (2008)


    1. Variable Temperature Total AC Loss and Stability Characterization Facility Pamidi, S.; Nguyen, D.; Zhang, G.M.; Knoll, D.C.; Trociewitz, U.P. and Schwartz, J. IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 17, 2, 3179 (2007)


    1. Conduction Cooling of a Compact HTS Motor for Aeropropulsion Pienkos, J.E.; Masson, P.J.; Pamidi, S.V. and Luongo C.A. IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 15, 2, 2150-2153 (2005)


    1. The effects of bending strain on the critical current and AC loss of BSCCO/Ag tapes Zhang, G. M.; Schwartz, J.; Pamidi, S.V.P.S.S.; Lin, L.Z.; Xiao, L.Y. and Yu, Y.J. Superconductor Science and Technology, 17, 8, 1018 -1021 (2004)
    2. Texture Study of (Hg,Re)-1212 Thin Films Directly Deposited on Ag Substrates by Pulsed Laser Deposition Su, J.H.; Pamidi, S. and Schwartz, J. Presented at the 2004 Applied Superconductivity Conf. Jacksonville, Florida, United States October 3-8 (2004)