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Nb3Al Image Gallery

Schematic and Powerpoint

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thumbnail 859x659 167KB - JPG Electron backscatter image of precursor for Nb3Al strand. Al filaments (here 20 µm thick) are fabricated by jelly-rolling alternate sheets of high purity Nb and Al. Slits are cut in the sheets before rolling so that when the composite is mechanically drawn Al separates into separate filaments. This composite assembled by OI-ST and extruded at UW-ASC.
thumbnail 1040x768 194KB - JPG False color electron backscatter image of nanopowder Nb3Al precursor. Spheres of Nb and Al, as small as 20 nm in diameter, compacted into pellet precursor by Supercon Inc.. Seashore color and waves effect added.

Last modified on 06 February 2023