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MgB2 Image Gallery


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thumbnail 1024x563 84KB - JPG

Plan-View TEM of the MgB2 film consisting of MgB2 and MgO.

The dark-field technique highlights isolated ~10 nm grains. MgB2 Ring absences and the distribution of intensity within the rings in selected area diffraction patterns (SADPs) reveal the [0001] fiber texture.

(b) with the beam approximately parallel to the film surface normal and
(c) tilted substantially away from the surface normal Random orientation of ~10 nm grains in the plane of the film plane implies a the high density of high angle grain boundaries - Jc still greater than 106 A/cm2

TEM images byXueyan Song . Sample fabrication and properties published in: C.B. Eom et al., Nature 411: 558-560, 2001

thumbnail JPG C-doped MgB2 Nanocrystals
thumbnail JPG C-doped MgB2 Nanocrystals
thumbnail 1280x1024 462KB - JPG False colored secondary electron image of MgB2. FESEM image by Ben Senkowicz, image processed using a FoveaPro adaptive equalization filter.

Last modified on 06 February 2023