Metallography and Imaging Lab

Precision ion etching and coating system (PECS Gatan). Precision ion etching and coating system (PECS Gatan).

An extensive metallographic preparation laboratory allows preparation of complex structures with minimal polishing artifacts from initial diamond saw sectioning to final vibratory polishing.

  • Comprehensive metallographic polishing facilities
  • Precision Ion Etching and Coating System (Gatan PECS 682): Provides not only the ability to “Dry” etching as an alternative to chemical etching but also, in the same vacuum chamber, coat the surface with Ar ion sputter nano-scale coatings with thickness controlled by a film thickness sensor; this provides us with the capability to apply protective conductive films over very clean surfaces
  • Broad area digital light microscopy by conventional and polarized reflected light with a digitally controlled stage and integrated software for through-focal image assembly and higher resolution image mosaic collection
  • Hardness and fracture toughness measurement using diamond micro-indenters


Last modified on 30 March 2015