Facilities & Capabilities


The ASC has a Philips XRD system (PW1830/40) that provides routine X-Ray Powder Diffractometry.

Dual Beam Focused Ion Beam/Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

The Zeiss 1540EsB is a multi-technique dual beam (electron and Ga ion) field emission Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with a spatial resolution for imaging of 1 nanometer (0.8 nm STEM).

Electromagnetic Testing Facility

This facility includes numerous instruments and capabilities.

Low Temperature Laser Scanning Microscope

This technique allows us to visualize the voltage change responses on local heating from low power diode laser at constant bias current at temperatures 3.7 K – 300 K with magnetic fields up to 5 tesla.

Magneto-Optic Imaging Facility

Magneto-optical imaging allows us to image and measure the local uniformity of current flow or magnetization in fields up to 0.15 T and temperatures down to ~6 K using the Faraday effect by applying an in-plane magnetized Bi-YIG imaging film to the sample surface and imaging using polarized light microscopy.

Mechanical Processing and Heat Treatment Lab

Various presses and heat treatment facilities are available.

Metallography and Imaging Lab

An extensive metallographic preparation laboratory allows preparation of complex structures with minimal polishing artifacts from initial diamond saw sectioning to final vibratory polishing.

Scanning Laser Confocal Microscope

The scanning laser confocal microscope (SLCM, Olympus OLS 3100) is a high resolution light microscope with a 10 nm depth resolution and 0.12 µm spatial resolution.

TEM Sample Polishing Lab

This lab provides high precision tripod polishing for TEM samples and BCP and EP polishing for SRF samples.

Thin film deposition capabilities

Complex and high quality single and multilayer structures can be grown using our Pulsed Laser Deposition Facility (Lambda Physik LPX® 210i, KrF excimer laser) with dielectric rare mirror for 248 nm with a Neocera deposition chamber and 6-target.