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Attractive pictures produced by light microscopy of a variety of superconductors

You can make your own anaglyph glasses on any color printer using the template found at:

Free Anaglyph Software:


StereoPhotomaker by Masuji SUTO, also
StereoMovieMaker by the same author.

3D Combine:

Makes and edits both 3D images and Movies. Free (Lite) and Pro versions available. I use the Pro version to assemble 2D left/right frames into 3D animations. If you have images from a moving 2D camera it can be used to assemble offset frames into a 3D movie.


Anabuilder by Etienne Monneret & Didier Leboutte - Can automatically align tilt pairs.
Freeware 3D Terrain Software: 3DEM (sadly no longer supported)

3D Reconstruction

Multi-Platform Stack to Extended Depth of Field with Depth Map: EDF Plugin for ImageJ and Fiji.
Windows Stack to CAD Reconstruction: Reconstruct

Other Superconductivity link pages

Professional Societies

Engineering: Degrees and How to Become One

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