Figure of rat brain
Figure of DNA
Figure of immunofluorescence
Figure of PbCrO3
Figure of positive-ion electrospray spectra

Positive-ion electrospray spectra.

NMR measurements in pulsed magnetic fields that show spins order in LuCuVO4.

HoW10 tunnelling gap.

Phase diagram for PbCrO3 demonstrating an electron-interaction-controlled Mott transition.

Quantum Hall effect modulated by top and bottom gates.

A 3D MRI of oxygen I7 in a rat brain.

Immunofluorescence images of CNE-2Z cells show that 27 T SMF changes spindle orientation.

The surface of a DNA-unwinding protein.

Quantum oscillations observed in a 2D electron gas syatem at the interface of PbTe/CdTe heterostructures.
Figure of Quantum Hall Effect
Figure of quantum oscillations
Figure of LuCuVO4 pulsed magnetic fields
Figure of HoW10 tunnelling