Classroom Outreach

MagLab educator Carlos Villa is in Virtual Classroom MagLab educator Carlos Villa is in Virtual Classroom Stephen Bilenky and Caroline McNiel

Want to have a MagLab expert visit your classroom? Bring the MagLab to your students anytime with our Pre-Recorded Outreach Videos.

Virtual Classroom Outreach

Show your students one of our pre-recorded lessons to have a MagLab educator visit your classroom online!

Play one of our virtual classroom outreach activities on magnetism and/or electromagnetism. You can sign up for our MagLab Educator's Club to stay informed about other Maglab opportunities for teachers and education professionals. For more information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Pre-Recorded Outreach Videos

Do you need asynchronous materials for your students to view on their own? Check out the MagLab's pre-recorded outreach videos to offer your students a science lesson whenever it works best for their schedule.

Pre-Recorded Outreach Videos Lesson Options

Magnet Exploration

This recorded lesson is an introduction to the magnet lab for primary students. You'll find out what research goes on at the Magnet Lab and what types of magnets the MagLab operates. Get more information on the properties of magnets while learning about how the MagLab magnets work.

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This recorded lesson covers the connection between electricity and magnetism as it explores the phenomenon of electromagnetism. You'll get an introduction to the MagLab and the types of science that go on here while also learning about the magnets and how they operate. You'll even get to learn about a few World Record magnets.

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Last modified on 23 August 2022