Science Show & Tell

Science is everywhere, from your coffee cup to your computer, from your car to your sunglasses. In every object, there’s a story — about physics, chemistry, biology or other science. For the curious mind, these everyday items can inspire wonder, passion and endless questions about how the world works. For the researchers and technicians in these audio slideshows, those questions paved a unique path to science and, ultimately, to the MagLab.

Science Show & Tell with David Graf

For David, doing science is like watching a good thriller: a lot of ups and downs and suspense about how it will turn out.

Science Show & Tell with Gregory Boebinger

A telescope gave Greg his first look into the universe — leading to a whole series of universes.

Science Show & Tell with Hans van Tol

From the angular momentum of a bike wheel to spinning electrons, Hans finds science full of puzzles.

Science Show & Tell with James Brooks

Jim is inspired by the harmonic oscillators he finds everywhere, always on their way home.

Science Show & Tell with Nicole Walsh

Nicole thought she wasn’t smart enough for science — until she got her hands on it.

Science Show & Tell with Shermane Benjamin

An amateur pianist, Shermane believes science connects people across cultures in much the same way as music.

Science Show & Tell with Steve McGill

Steve's personal history with the cell phone mirrors the history of all science: always pushing boundaries.

Science Show & Tell with Wale Akinfaderin

A free kick that went down in soccer history netted another important goal for Wale Akinfaderin: Propelling him toward a career in physics.

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