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Color, connect the dots and word-search to learn about magnets in this cool activity book available both in English and in Spanish.

English activity bookWhat do turtles, fish, birds, bees and cows have to do with magnetism? Where are the strongest magnets in the world? How many things in your house use magnets or magnetism? Color, connect the dots and word-search to find out in the Learning About Magnets Activity Book available both in English and in Spanish, designed for elementary-age kids.

This 17-page resource is available as a downloadable PDF (2 MB). The activities in this booklet include:

  • Spanish activity bookWhat is a Magnet?
  • What is an Electromagnet?
  • What Does a Magnet Attract?
  • Magnets at Home Crossword Puzzle
  • Marie Curie: Basic Research Pioneer
  • Attractive Word Search
  • Michael Faraday: Pioneer of Electromagnetism
  • Turtle Beach: Spot the Differences
  • Birds in Flight: Migration Maze
  • Find the Pattern: Dancing Bees
  • Magnets on the Farm coloring page
  • History of Magnetism

Activity book design by Rebecca Sumerall. Translation into Spanish by Amy Barbas.

Last modified on 28 March 2016
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