25 July 2019

SciGirls Quest, Day 9, MagLab and Innovation Hub

SciGirls Quest outside FSU's Innovation HubSciGirls Quest outside FSU's Innovation Hub

We spent the morning in the MagLab with Dr. Payal Ghosh of FSU’s Nutrition, Food & Exercise Sciences program. Dr. Ghosh’s lab researches the effects of space flight on the human body. She shared with us the results of their research and demonstrated changes in blood pressure and vascular physiology that results in microgravity environments. Of course, we had a ton of questions, especially related to our Mars research project. What an interesting and informative presentation!

After lunch, we traveled to FSU’s Innovation Hub to meet back up with Castle Kim, who led us in a 3D-printing lesson last week. We got to retrieve our 3D-printed tokens and keychains that we designed last week. We also toured the facilities and saw the FabLab where the 3D printers and laser cutters do their magic. We also had the opportunity to design a laser printed keychain.

We returned to the MagLab full of innovative ideas! Hard to believe tomorrow is our last day together!

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