24 July 2019

SciGirls Quest Day 8, WFSU and the MagLab

SciGirls on air at WFSUSciGirls on air at WFSU

We began our day with unpacking our brains a little at the MagLab after spending the last several days out and about. We discussed our recent experiences and how they tie into our Mars colonization project. Mid-morning we walked to the WFSU studios and got our broadcasting on! Some of our girls lent their voices to a radio production, while others tried their hands at filming. The radio crew was led by Regan McCarthy, Jon Manson-Hing, and Kevin McDaniel. We took turns being interviewed and filming the interview for a podcast to be edited and used by WFSU. Regan asked our girls in-depth questions about their experiences so far in camp and how those experiences have changed their perceptions of science and their place in STEM fields. Girls who worked with the film production crew, led by Suzanne Smith, learned about the mechanics of a set and how to use all the equipment. They learned about the process of interviewing and wrote interview questions to ask each other. Others worked on editing footage from the past 7 days of our camp. 

After lunch, the radio group wrote and recorded 15-second stories about the impact of SciGirls. These stories will be used on air as radio spots and advertising for the program. The television group recorded their interviews and filmed intro and closing footage, and learned the glory of a teleprompter.

We returned to the MagLab for a delicious molecular gastronomy demo by the MagLab’s own Dr. Martha Chacon Patino. We learned how to make carrot foam using a soy lecithin emulsifier, watermelon juice caviar using spherification with alginate, and chocolate spaghetti using gelification with agar agar. What a tasty end to the day!

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