23 July 2019

SciGirls Quest Day 7, FSU Coastal and Marine Laboratory

SciGirls Quest starting on a marsh walk at the FSU Coastal and Marine Laboratory.SciGirls Quest starting on a marsh walk at the FSU Coastal and Marine Laboratory.

We had another day packed full of science goodness! We spent the whole day at FSU’s Coastal and Marine Laboratory in Sopchoppy, with several scientists from FSU. We began the morning with an introduction to the lab and the research taking place there. We learned about corals and sea snails, and we got to see some interesting experiments conducted at the lab. Next, we ventured out on a research boat and trawled the sea floor for critters. We got to see several types of shrimp, crabs, fish, and invertebrates and learn about the habitats in which they live. After a working lunch, where we were treated to a presentation on life in the marshes and shallow water, we walked out into the marsh to check out more sealife. We learned how to do the “stingray shuffle” and saw firsthand what an incredible habitat oyster beds provide. We returned to the MagLab a little tired, a little wet, and completely full of newly acquired marine science knowledge.

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